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Restore The Child Inside Of You

All of us have an inner child lying dormant. Sometimes, the inner child wanders and comes to the surface, especially during moments of pure joy.

You’re probably thinking where does this inner child live, how do I release my inner child? 

Your inner child lives in your very being, in every cell in your body, and your heart. The primary layer of your personality before the layers of social ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, was applied in your everyday life. Before the hurt, trauma, and pain, that many of you experienced at some point in your life. 

To defend and protect yourselves against future suffering, you often try to forget those painful times. Whenever you’re in touch with the experience of pain and suffering, you push your feelings and memories deep down in your unconscious minds. Often to scared to face it.

You will often try to keep yourself entertained by watching movies, television, or socializing, even by using drugs or alcohol so that you don’t have to face the pain all over again.

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Just because you may have ignored your inner child doesn’t mean she or he isn’t there. Wanting to end your suffering by sending your inner child to a dark place, yet running away doesn’t stop your pain and suffering; it only prolongs it.

The joy your inner child feels has been suppressed, gone into limbo, things that disappointed you, and your hope and adventure in life.

Now you ask, how do you awaken your inner child?

Instead of fighting your emotions, recognize and embrace your inner child with tenderness as that will bring some relief. 

After recognizing and embracing your inner child, the next function is to comfort and relieve our difficult emotions. When you see the roots, your suffering will lessen. They will still be there, but you won’t suffer as much anymore. Get rid of these negative energies and emotions.

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When your eyes light up at a fond memory of playing with a pet or a particularly happy moment in life, that is your Divine spark calling to your inner child. Think back to your childhood, the unparalleled awe, and dedication towards the trivial and straightforward tasks.

It is time for you to believe again and to feel as deeply as a child again. Don’t hold back; let go of the reserve you are feeling in your heart. Feel and absorb the happiness in your bones and soul, rekindle that sparkle in your eye and laugh wholeheartedly.

Plant new positive seeds, they may not come up at first, so you may need to coax them a bit. After being embraced, they will grow, a bit weaker, but will grow.

Some people always tell others to grow up. Yet I believe that you should enjoy every bit of your life. Don’t suppress your inner child. Children often get told all the negative things when we should be telling them that everything is possible.

Don’t let the child inside you die!

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