Remain Single Until You Meet the Right Person Who Loves You For You


Being broken hearted makes you question everything about yourself. Your head works overtime trying to analyze who is to blame. If “only I did” or “if only I could of.” “Maybe I am not perfect!?”

Even if you are not a hundred percent happy with who you are right now, don’t sell yourself short!

You will find someone that will value everything about you. Love you for who you are.

It’s not about loving a perfect person, it’s about loving an imperfect person perfectly.

Your partner should love you for who you are. Not someone who tries to change you. It should work both ways!

Everyone should learn to love themselves after a break up of a relationship. You cannot give yourself entirely to another unless you have healed and found peace within. It’s important to find a happy medium within yourself.

Until you are completely satisfied with your emotional, mental and physical state, you should remain single, or you would be going into another relationship on the rebound.


Loving yourself again will help you go into a healthy relationship again. Trust is an essential part of falling in love again.

Stay single until you meet that special someone that can respect the pain you feel.

Stay single until you meet someone who understands that your heart is not whole, yet is prepared to help you make it complete again.

Stay single until you meet someone that replaces that empty feeling you have.

Stay single until you meet the person you look at and say “thank goodness I didn’t get it right before!

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