Releasing Subconscious Blocks And Boundaries

There are times that you might run into a situation where it feels like your energy is just stuck. You know what you are supposed to do, but for some reason you just can’t. It maybe that you’ve just hit a subconscious boundary or an energy block that you need to clean out. We create our own subconscious blocks in order to protect ourselves from perceived dangers or threats. It been known to inflict upon us through childhood trauma or other mental, emotional or physical trauma. It could even be carried over subconsciously from our past lives.

Subconscious blockages can also block your efforts to run a successful business, or have a successful relationship, or achieve your personal goals or dreams.

It’s important to deal with your subconscious blockages to improve your life and personal growth.

A meditation will help clear your mind of uncluttered emotional, negative thoughts. As well as daily affirmations.

If you can’t meditate, find a place where you will have peace and quiet, possibly in a dark room. Darkness improves your relaxation. Make sure you are in a comfortable position to do this following exercise.


“I now release any emotional, mental or physical blocks that have subconsciously attached to me over the years. I’m ready to release them and face anything that comes my way. I have faith in the Divine Spirit to give me the power to succeed. I allow Love, Joy and Light into my life.”

While repeating this mantra a few times, focus on all the negative emotions and energies leaving your body. Picture it as grey smoke/matter evaporating out of your body, and filling you with divine white light.

Should you get images of  uncomfortable events, traumas and experiences, do not get caught up in it. Release them into the universe with love and light, focusing on them as grey smoke/matter evaporating out into the universe. It’s good for you to visualize these events leaving your body and filling your body with white light together with a feeling of contentment.

This is a great cleansing exercise if done correctly.

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