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Release Worries – Everything Goes According to Plan

A Russian scientist, Georgiy Nikolaevich Sytin, and author of a unique book on self-help methods of healing developed a technique on self-realization with assistance from reflections and will.

Your thoughts initiate healing. Sytin created more than 20,000 spoken moods, which were examined by the specialists of the Ministry of Health, which proved their effectiveness.

To understand how words affect the body, the scientist collected and studied ancient conspiracies for many years and created moods for healing from various ailments as well as for rejuvenation for female beauty and male power.

Sytin cured himself by his attitude, during the second world war where he received nine severe injuries. He died unconsciously, and when the doctors saw that he still had life in him, they operated on immediately.

Sytin has written plenty of books full of phrases associated with health and self-healing of organs. He succeeded in slowing down his biological clock, staying young for as long as possible. 

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Our thoughts, intentions, and our subconscious have the ability to aid with self-healing.

Those of you that are interested in his methods and would like to learn more, feel free to Google Dr. Sytin, for everyone else, below are a few positive tips.

These points below have proven to be life-changing. It is best to introduce a few of them into your daily life. You will notice that you will feel better.

  1. Walk daily.
  2. Sing your favorite song several times a day.
  3. Spend time with loved ones.
  4. Let negative thoughts go.
  5. Throw out things that complicate your life.
  6. Simplify your habits.
  7. Every morning you should look in the mirror, say hello, and wish yourself everything of the best. You could do this nightly as well.
  8. Do things in moderation.
  9. Think before you speak, as words are potent.
  10. Sometimes it’s good to listen to others as you may learn something.
  11. Don’t advise unless asked.
  12. Spend time with children and enjoy playing with them.
  13. Mind your own business. Everything has its own course.
  14. Give without expectations. What’s yours will come to you at the perfect time.
  15. Don’t feel guilty about your mistakes. We are only human.
  16. Allow change.
  17. Try not to worry as it won’t solve anything. Everything happens in accordance with the divine.
  18. Laugh loads.
  19. Live an honest and productive life. 
  20. Don’t hold grudges.

Laugh, smile, have patience, and be happy. Share the joy with others. Believe that tomorrow is a better day.

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