Reinstate Home Economics Classes In Schools As Our Kids Lack Basic Life Skills


In the past, Home Economics classes were part of every high school curriculum. Cooking and general home management were part of the courses which would teach children valuable life skills. 

Schools are not very practical in the real world. 

Schools are driven by education, scholarship, and the scores the students achieve on exams. When a student leaves high school, they realize that they did not learn any practical experience to apply in the real world. 

Schools are excellent for letting kids decide what courses to take and allowing them to handle significant career and life decisions. Yet, they forget to teach them simple life skills that can have a substantial impact on their daily lives.

Maths and finances are two different things. 

Solving a complicated maths problem is something they can probably do with ease, yet they can’t budget their finances. 

It would be great if our kids knew how to shop for groceries, stay within a budget, and understand how interest accumulates on credit cards?

Home Economics classes should be implemented into the school’s curriculums again to help students cope with their finances. 

Most children cannot cook a basic meal for themselves or even iron a shirt.

Home Economics has the stigma that it is mainly for females. Most classes were attended by women and avoided by men. It has also been deemed unnecessary or more simpleton in nature compared to more advanced subjects such as algebra or physics. 

However, life skills in Home Economics classes are just as relevant as any of the skills learned in their academic courses.

According to Marti Harvey, a lecturer at the University of Texas at Arlington, most students don’t even know that they have to pay property taxes if they own property. 

If they called it ‘Skills for Life’ and make it mandatory in high schools, the stigma that it is mostly for women will fall away. 

Nowadays, most students can compose a sonnet of Shakespearian character, yet they lack the skills to handle simple finances or their taxes. In other words, there is a malformed lack of balance in the education system. Students are graduating without much life skill knowledge.

Basic economics should be taught, along with budgeting, cooking, and shopping, to give them a better start in life.

Home Economic courses vary but may include some of these topics, communication, nutrition, health, personal finances, housing, shelter, clothing, household management, design and technology, consumerism, consumer science, hospitality, and human development.

What are your thoughts, do you think it is time to bring back home economics classes to help your kids?

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