Reasons To Stay Positive During A Crisis

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In this unusual time, many unforeseen difficulties and anxieties can appear. Yet it’s also an opportunity, an awakening for humanity to rise to the challenges.

During this stressful time, it might seem unthinkable to be expected to be positive. But being positive is the core ingredient in surviving a crisis. Its time for us to be proactive in creating more joy and moments of bliss and happiness each day. Psychology researchers found that positive emotions can undo the adverse effects caused by stress.

Taking control of our mental health and seizing the small moments will aid as we move further into the unknown. However, positive thoughts and emotions will be a significant asset to us during the coronavirus crisis due to numerous reasons:

Positive Thoughts Enhance Adaptability: Research has shown that when we experience positive emotions during a stressful event, we bounce back faster and have a quicker “cardiovascular recovery” time – meaning our heart rate lowers faster. Our blood pressure stabilizes more rapidly when we are in a positive state of mind.

Positive Thoughts Increase Immunity: In a study where a group of people was deliberately infected with the influenza virus and rhinovirus, it was found that the candidates with more positive emotions and thought patterns were more likely to withstand the symptoms. Candidates with low positive emotions were 2.9 times more likely to contract a respiratory illness in this study done.

Positive Thoughts = Positive Mind: What we think influences what we feel and vice versa. A positive outlook and thinking pattern boost our problem-solving abilities as well as our decision-making, creativity, and cognitive flexibility. Staying positive and handling all the “little” problems that are being thrown at us right now will change the way they will deal with a crisis in the future. It’s also a new venture as figuring out new technology platforms for working (and schooling) from home.

Stay Positive and Stay Safe!!

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