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Reasons And Ways to Stand Up for Yourself Against Bullies

Courage is the key to success. As humans, we should be able to stand up for ourselves. It does not make you an argumentative person. Saying “no” to people doesn’t mean you’re selfish, and sharing your feelings with others doesn’t mean you’re weak

When people don’t respect you, it means that there is something wrong with them, and you’re not the problem. They are the problem.

People nowadays have interpreted courage in the wrong way. They think that courage is all about being tough and domineering. 

I’m afraid that’s not right. Courage is the capacity to stand up for what you believe in and going against the grain. Standing up to school, bullies is an act of real courage. Walking away from a bully will not build your self-esteem. 

Bullies don’t just exist in the playground. They can be found in workplaces and even at home.

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When people think of bullies and bullying, you would generally think of aggression and physical or verbal abuse. 

Yet, that is not the only form of bullying. Social bullying through intimidation is a form that we rarely hear or speak about. It is when a person is purposely isolated, letting them know that you refuse to work with them, even though you know that the relationship is warranted. 

Bullying is not taken seriously enough, no matter where or when it occurs. So many people say that you need to be bullied in order to be courageous. But it is not valid. Real courage is standing up to the bully and attacking right back. It is when you stand up for yourself in a situation where risks are many, and rewards are few. 

Even though people don’t support you when you get bullied and dismiss your complaints, never give up on yourself. Unburden yourself from the pain bullying causes you. We need to support and praise those who come forward to complain about bullies because it takes a lot of courage.

We also have cyberbullying, which causes children to experience anxiety, depression, fear, and low self-esteem. It could lead to struggling academically. 

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Narcissists don’t care about the needs or feelings of others. They are self-absorbed and controlling; therefore, they often bully people to gt their own way. 

In a nutshell, a bully is a person who is habitually cruel, threatening, and insulting others who are weaker, vulnerable, and smaller. They use intimidation and insults to belittle others who they perceive are unwilling or unable to defend themselves. 

If you’re being bullied, it’s time to take a stand and tell that bully firmly to stop. Make sure you repeat the action until they comply. Confront a bully safely and smartly in numbers. Stand up for yourself, show them that it doesn’t bother you, then it won’t give them ammunition. Don’t whine or cry. There is nothing to mock about a confident person. Initially, it will be hard, yet once you do, they won’t be that quick to do it again.

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