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Rare Mossy Frog A True Master Of Disguise And Can Throw Its Voice

Many weird and wonderful animals in mother nature can camouflage themselves not to be spotted by just anyone.

One of the masters next to the chameleon at camouflaging is the Theloderma corticale, more commonly known as the Vietnamese Mossy Frog or Mossy Frog.

The Mossy Frogs natural habitats are primarily evergreen rainforests and subtropical forests across southern Asia. 

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They blend in with the natural surrounding of moss, rocks as well as debris.

In nature, a lot of animals and creatures, camouflaging themselves, is a matter of life and death. Blending into one’s environment is crucial for survival for both predators and prey. 

These amazing frogs got their name from their appearance. Their unusual color and patterns on their skin make them look like masses of moss growing on the rocks. This makes them very difficult to spot and why most people never see these creatures.

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In addition to their bizarre bumpy appearance skin, they have a soft underbelly. Large sticky pads on the feet of the mossy frogs assist them in moving around their environment as well as climbing trees.

Typically, the frogs grow to between 6 cm in size, with the females being larger than the males and can grow to about 8-9 cm. 

However, these frogs look as though they could be facing extinction. Due to deforestation and tourism around the country, much of its native habitat is receding.

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The Vietnamese Mossy Frog can disguise itself by throwing its voice several meters away, which is something rarely seen in the animal kingdom. As a result, this makes it extremely hard to find the Mossy Frog, even if you are in the vicinity. Their large eyes give them a broad range of vision.

These tiny amphibians have another defense mechanism that it is known for. When threatened, they roll into a ball and play dead. 

Some Vietnamese Mossy Frogs have been recorded to live into their late teens. Therefore, a lifespan of about 20 years is not out of the question.

These frogs can be encountered all over the world in some zoos, and as well as pets. 

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