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One Of The Most Beautiful Trees In The World Is The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

The rainbow eucalyptus trees are indigenous to the northern hemisphere. The trees thrive in a tropical forest where there is a lot of rain. They are
grown in Indonesia, New Guinea, as well as the Philippines. The trees can grow up to about 250 feet.

Most people, when they see the rainbow eucalyptus tree for the first time, would think that someone has painted the tree as the colors are so vibrant, and it has an astringent fragrance. Eucalyptus trees have a minty, pine scent smell with a touch of honey. Although there are more than 600 species globally, all vary in physical shape and fragrance.

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As the rainbow eucalyptus tree sheds its bark, it exposes different colors, first bright green, and then it turns to red, orange, and purple tones before turning back to brown as the bark matures. No two rainbow eucalyptus trees will look the same as they shed strips of bark in different spots. It is a living work of art.

ID 32650533 © Amichaelbrown |

In the U.S., the rainbow eucalyptus tree grows in frost-free climates, like the southern parts of California, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii, although they only tend to grow to about half the height, it can reach.

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Where the bark of the Rainbow eucalyptus trees slough off, it is actually discarding accumulated air pollution that is captured there.

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Eucalyptus trees shallow roots can cause problems for homeowners; therefore, it is not advisable to grow it in the vicinity of your house as it can damage pipes, plumbing, etc.

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Although eucalyptus trees are so beautiful, they are not edible as the leaves are known to be poisonous.

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The lack of broad-leaves means that they are not good nesting places for animals, such as birds and insects. Eucalyptus trees are prone to fire as the oils of the eucalyptus tree make them extremely flammable.

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