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Quit trying to Please Everyone and Be Yourself

You can still be respectful, kind while being yourself! Something you should understand that being nice has nothing to do with being kind.

Growing up, most parents could have taught their children to be kind to people and respect them no matter what the situation. Therefore, I would always look for ways to justify people’s ugly actions. 

Sometimes, people are eager to please others as they lack self-love. All these people want is to be loved and liked. By pleasing others, they think that other people would give them love and fill the void inside of them.

You might dread disapproval, so pleasing everyone seems to be the answer, the safe way to protect yourself against conflict and confrontation where it’s in relationships, family, friends, or at work. Therefore you fail to speak up and say what is on your mind. You fail to allow yourself to be you!

Being the people pleaser will allow people to take advantage of you so, therefore, you become the go-to person:

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That person – who always changes their plans at a moment’s notice.

That person – who always takes on more work and will stay later.

That person – who always say yes.

Let’s be honest; if you should lean too much on other people’s approval, then it will become a bed of thorns. It is not necessary to be a people pleaser.

Never let others trample over you. Speak your mind and speak the truth, no matter if people take offense.

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Stop trying to please people. 

You don’t have to be nice to everyone. It would help if you remember that not everyone is going to like you in your life, and that’s alright. 

Damn sure, some people will dislike you, and some will even hate you from the bottom of their hearts. The people who matter will always love you for who you are. Just be your true unapologetic self, and you’ll be much happier, content, and peaceful for it.

Self-care and self-love are healthy for you.

By putting yourself and your needs first, you will come to understand that expressing your opinions and having a tough attitude doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you one of the unique, authentic people in the world.

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By being a people pleaser, you get seen as less trustworthy. You will come across as false even though your intention is well-intended.

Would you trust someone who will tell lies to flatter their ego? Would you trust someone who only tells you what you want to hear? I’m sure you wouldn’t. Therefore you will end up with fewer friends. No one wants to be close or vulnerable with someone who hides their true feelings.

Be that strong-willed, independent person who sticks up for themselves and follows their own life path. The right people will appreciate you when you stop trying to please everyone. Just be your authentic self!

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