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Pluto Goes Into Retrograde, April 27 – October 8

Many of us might wonder, what is a retrograde? A retrograde occurs when a planet appears to move backwards in its orbit, as viewed from Earth. The effect of this from an astrological perspective is that the planet behaves outside of what is normal for it, influencing us in a different manner. Pluto, the planet normally associated with change and transformation, is affected during retrograde which then assists us by unveiling our issues with self control.

On April 27 as the Super Pink Moon begins to wane, Pluto retrograde steps in and begins at 26° Capricorn and ends on October 8th.

What might we experience during Pluto Retrograde:

As Pluto represents transformation, this transit brings a shift of direction in our lives. During the beginning of the retrograde we may experience some initial frustration, heaviness or problems to be worked through. Pluto’s retrograde cycle is a wonderful time to gain insight into our self-limiting behaviour, destructive tendencies, issues with control, and what can be gained from looking within. We will be reassessing how we use our power, where we exert the most energy, and the level of force we use.

Controlling and manipulative behaviour may increase, pushing us to a breaking point so that we may release and move on. Fated events and and repeating lessons will bring change and growth. Controlling relationships may come to and end during this time, reaching a breaking point. If there are obsessive or addictive behaviour surrounding food, drugs, etc these issues will surface in a way that requires resolution.

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The more extreme your destructive behaviour are, the more intense the detoxification stage will be. Pluto retrograde is here to transform our lives in necessary ways, teaching us to evolve and rise above our challenges. Once we reclaim our power we are limitless.

In what ways are you holding yourself back?

What to focus on during Retrograde: Releasing destructive behaviour, patterns and environments in order to open ourselves to growth and expansion.

Pluto & Astrology Element: Water & Fire.

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio House: 8th House – Death, Transformation, Inheritance.

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Tarot: Judgement & Death.

Mythological: Pluto – Roman god of the underworld Hades – Greek god of the underworld.

Thanks to The Mystic Serpent | Facebook for contributing this article to Enlightened Consciousness.

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