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Plants That Help Bring Positive Energy And Good Fortune Into Homes

Plants are used to decorate and liven up our homes and garden. They are also known to purify the air. Placed in the right area, they have significant benefits to our everyday life.

According to science, plants have energy just like people. Many people believe in feng shui, which is an ancient practice of bringing positive energy into your environment, as well as promoting health, wealth, and happiness.

To view a study by NASA Clean Air Study, click here

Results suggest that certain common indoor plants may provide a natural way of removing toxic agents such as benzeneformaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. (Source)

Below is a list of plants that bring positive energy and good fortune into your home:

Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum)

The money plant, also known as Golden Pothos, Hunter’s Robe, Ivy Arum, and Silver Vine. According to feng shui, this plant produces a positive energy flow that attracts good luck and fortune. This plant should be placed in front of a sharp corner or angle to help reduce anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts. The plant’s shoot should be pointing upwards for health and prosperity.

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Orchids are favorite plants in Europe, where you will find them on window sills. They are one of the most beautiful flowers. Orchids release oxygen during the night, which would be beneficial in bedrooms. They have a pleasant smell and are known to boost a person’s mood.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera also known for healing properties are beneficial for positive energy and luck. They should have indirect sunlight or artificial light and watered regularly. Make sure they have proper drainage, as they can’t tolerate standing water. Aloe Vera is a plant known to flight off negative vibes and bad luck.


Jasmine with its sweet smell attracts positive energy and helps to strengthen relationships and romance. Jasmine should be placed near a south-facing window when indoors. In the garden, they should be placed north, east, or northeast area.


Rosemary very popular in Croatia and is an excellent culinary herb. It is known to improve memory and insomnia as well as purifying the air of harmful toxins.

African Violet

African Violet is known to cultivate wealth because the petals resemble coins.

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Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena braunii)

Lucky bamboo is very popular in Asia. They are known for their good fortune and prosperity. According to feng shui, the vertical shape of lucky bamboo represents the element wood, which influences our lives with energy, vitality, and physical activity. They should be placed in the corner of a room with low lighting.

Citrus trees

Citrus plants according to feng shui symbolizes abundance and health, as it is a fruit-bearing plant.

Holy Basil

Holy basil is known for clearing the air of negative energy. Holy Basil emits oxygen 20 hours a day while also absorbing harmful gases from the environment. Holy basil is also known as a powerful antioxidant with antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Growing basil is thought to have a spiritual healing effect. It should be placed in a north, east, or northeast area inside or in a garden.

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Make sure you get some of the above plants for your home!

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