People Who Have Good Relationships Don’t Have To Broadcast It On Media Platforms


Things have really changed; people are becoming obsessed with online validations.

Almost everyone has been or is on one of the social media platforms, where taking selfies and sharing them on these various platforms is the ‘in thing.’

It’s completely healthy and normal to be proud of who you are dating, so it a common practice to share photos on social media platforms, especially when you are in a relationship.

However, there’s a connection with how genuinely content you are and how often you post selfies. There are a few reasons for this.

If you don’t share selfies of you and your partner, most times, your partner would think or even accused you that you are not proud of them or that you have another girlfriend/boyfriend and are two-timing them. They could accuse you of avoiding a commitment.

Then the break-up or a new partner, a lengthy process of going through all the photos of the ex and deleting them. Most of the time, an explanation to your followers, and most times, it is not always the full story or the real story.

A lot of people’s lives revolve around updating and sharing their lives on social media platforms. 

Loads of people think it is essential to appear happy online. As a result, thousands of people are suffering from social anxiety and depression, trying to keep up with the exotic lives of other people.

The truth of the matter is if a couple is in a happy relationship, they don’t care whether they have shared selfies of themselves as a couple or not. They are just too grateful for the time they spend together without social media. They are not looking at their phones but looking at each other.

There are many examples of couples having a perfect life on social media, when, in fact, in real life, it is dysfunctional. The only thing their followers see is a perfect virtual life.

A survey in 2016 showed undergraduates in relationships investigated relationships between online self-presentation and offline relational qualities — comparisons of those who were mostly on social media and of those who focused on the real world. The results were in favor of offline couples, which showed they were more likely to stay in a committed, happy relationship.

Do you think people were a lot happier in previous years without social media?

Here’s how to build a strong, meaningful relationship;


It’s essential to be completely honest and truthful from the start with your partner.


A relationship would fail without communication; it is essential to talk and share ideas about each other’s life plans. That way, you will know if you are suited long-term. Problems won’t strain relationships when there is good communication between each other.


Spending time at a favorite spot with someone you care for can enhance your relationship. Therefore, it is essential to take part and share in each other’s interests.


Successes of your partner should be yours as well, no matter how significant or insignificant it is, you should celebrate it together.

Be aware that your online followers would post lovely comments on your photos, yet in the same breath, they will make offensive fun of you when things go pearshaped.

Nobody should be upset when their partner is not sharing photos or updating their status. It would be concerning if they weren’t spending time with each other and talking about dreams, aspirations, and goals, even the simple little things in life. That is what makes a relationship strong and lasting.

Don’t allow social media comments to fool you. You will be happier from being present in each other’s lives with mutual support instead of comparing yourself with others on social media. 

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