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How I Stopped Living While Parenting

The vital part of being a better parent is a good dose of selfishness, self-worth, and self-regard. You may not think so, but it does take a great deal of selflessness to be a parent.

There’s a time in life when you should put an end to putting your children first. Most of you get caught up in the rut of focusing on your children and forget to live.

When you stop living, it will impact your children’s lives, and they will think it is alright to stop living!

As a parent, we want to protect and encourage our children, especially vulnerable children, yet life is not candy floss. Be flexible from being a parent or a mother.

Don’t stop your life while being a parent as it will have a significant impact on your child’s life in the long run. The same would apply to your work situation. You cannot focus solely on work. You need to live and have a life.

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There needs to be a barrier between protecting and empowering your children. It is good to include your children in the positive things you, which would help build them as well as change their reality.

Be resilient so that your child can learn. Children never really listen; they absorb what they see; they rarely learn from what they hear. This applies to most of us.

Language has an impact on your child’s life, so it is essential to adjust your language and tone, as well as how you say/word it.

You don’t have to do the dishes straight away or vacuum. Don’t run around picking up your child’s clothes off the floor or on the bed. They are not helpless. Doing everything for your children will only empower a lazy person that will rely on others and not themselves.

Your children should have a set bedtime every night so that you can make time for you! When you have more rest and you are happy you will have more patience with your children.

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Don’t feel guilty about putting yourself first. Do take time to soak in the bath, have your hair done, put some lipstick on, or even dress up to make you feel enjoyable, worthwhile, and sexy again. Don’t forget your worth!

You need time for you!

Once your child sees you taking care of yourself, they will mirror you and take care of themselves. That’s where self-value and self-worth will come into play.

Reshape and balance your life so you can become happier!

Parents assume that this somewhat unbalanced attitude of putting children first in every aspect of their life that the parents find it almost impossible to enter reality, especially when the child has left the nest.

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It is easy to disregard you while you have children.

Don’t stop enjoying your life, show your children how to live and enjoy life as they are watching you. It will encourage your children and they will learn to do the same, and the circle will continue.

A fundamental aspect of life is that nobody ever really fails; these are only lessons!

To build resilience is not failing; we are all different.

If you revolve your life around your children, they will grow up thinking that everyone should indulge them, and they will become self-absorbed children.

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Allow your child to give what they have to offer to others and not what they can get from other people.

It is essential children must see their parents live and show resilience to pain, loss, laughter, and enjoyment. This, in turn, shows that the parents are human beings with hopes and dreams. It will empower the children in more ways than you will realize.

Prioritizing yourself is the best gift you can give to your family. When you are happier you will make everyone around you happier too.

Life missed having you while you forgot to live! – Janet Willicott

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