• What Chemical Dangers Are Lurking in Your Home?

      By Dr. Mercola If you eat packaged food, wash your clothes with regular detergent, and apply daily moisturizer and cosmetics, you’re likely inadvertently exposing yourself to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Unlike well-known poisons such as lead ...

  • By The Year 2018, ALL Dutch Trains Will Run On Wind Energy

          Two companies in the Netherlands have struck a deal to ensure all trains run solely on wind farm-produced energy by the year 2018. Thanks to two progressive companies, sustainability will completely be redefined ...

  • 21 Easy Healthy Habits That Will Actually Change Your Life

      No matter how much you may want to make healthy choices, it can feel like there simply isn’t time. What if I told you it’s actually possible to be both the busiest and the healthiest version of yourself? It’s ...

  • How Mindfulness Works The Science of Good Vibrations

    Achieving mindfulness through meditation has helped people maintain a healthy mind by quelling negative emotions and thoughts, such as desire, anger and anxiety, and encouraging more positive dispositions such as compassion, empathy and forgiveness. Those who ...

  • How to Be Honest Without Being Harsh

    Do you ever wonder if you should avoid telling the truth to keep from hurting someone’s feelings? Not only is it possible to be comfortably honest with people in situations that require an offensive response, candor ...

Life Spirituality

5 Reasons to Always Believe Everything Happens For a Reason

“I trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to see it. When there is no struggle, there is no strength.” Oprah ...
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Life Science Spirituality

11 Crucial Steps You Need to Take to Free Your Mind

All battles, all wars, all fistfights and bar brawls, all conflicts in every place and in every time (except those conflicts in which both sides answer to the ...
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Health & Alt Life

Hershey, Nestle and Mars Use Child Slaves to Make Your Chocolate

What was one of the better kept secrets of the 21st century is now blown totally open. The three corporations above are responsible for much of the world’s ...
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Life Spirituality

Scientists Can Now Record and Show You Your Dreams

Have you ever wished you could remember your dreams more vividly? Or have you ever wanted to record your dreams and watch them later like a TV program ...
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Health & Alt Life Spirituality

A Digest on Inner Peace and Yoga Meditation

  The world is loaded with lots of things that can take peace and stillness out of the mind of humanity. With oodles of bad news on the ...
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Health & Alt Life Science

The Effect of Cannabis on Pregnant Women and Their Newborns (Jamaican Study)

  It’s almost too taboo to discuss: pregnant women smoking marijuana. It’s a dirty little secret for women, particularly during the harrowing first trimester, who turn to cannabis ...
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Life Spirituality

Cunning Craftiness and the Tools of Manipulation

  While many are aware of the age old tactic of divide and conquer, in many cases even awakened people can get bamboozled by their devilishly clever tricks ...
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Life Science

How the Government Suppresses Free Energy Technologies

  Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if better and cleaner energy sources were widely available and affordable to all of earth’s people? If ...
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11 Untouchable Truths About Consciousness and Being Human

  No matter how divided the world may seem, and no matter how many differences people can put between themselves and others, the untouchable truth of being human is ...
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Activism: The Way to Demonstrate Your Spirituality

  Activism is what the Earth needs right now especially from conscious individuals, conscious groups and conscious communities. Those who’ve started their awakening process most likely can see ...
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