• 18 Signs That You Have Healing Powers

      Do any of these healing powers resonate with you? If you think you have the gift of healing, read on… There will be many signs all around you, some subtle and some more obvious, you ...

  • Kundalini – The Serpent Power

    The term “KUNDALINĪ” is based on several words, and therefore has several meanings. The word-ending “ī” indicates that it relates to the feminine principle and deals with a form of ENERGY and NATURE. KUNDALA means ring ...

  • Awakening Through Freedom From Belief

    There is nothing you believe that you didn’t first decide to buy into at some point. Even your deepest assumptions about how reality works are viewpoints that you had to establish. Physical reality is a defined ...

  • World’s First Eco Capsule Off Grid Home To Hit the Market

    Developers at Nice Architects unveiled an eco-friendly pod that can be set up nearly anywhere in the world. This pod is equipped with everything you need to sustain water and electricity with a 750 watt wind turbine ...

  • Spiritual Growth as a Change in the Being

    Spiritual growth is not something that happens in the mind. It is not a correction of ideas, or even just a change in action. Spiritual growth is a change in one’s very being, in “what one ...

Metaphysics Science

The Human Soul is Composed of NINE Parts According to Ancient Egyptians

The complex religion that prevailed during the almost three thousand years of the Ancient Egyptian Empire considered that the human soul was composed of nine separate parts, which ...
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Superhuman Abilities of Himalayan Monks Stun Harvard Scientists

It’s absolutely fascinating when you consider how many ancient teachings tell us that humans have the capacity to gain extraordinary powers through various techniques. Most of us have ...
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11 Breathtaking Archaeological Discoveries That Happened By Accident

Archaeologists devote their lives to unravel the material history of the world. However, even ordinary people can make accidental discoveries without even realizing it. Imagine discovering an entrance ...
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Life Spirituality

A Survival Guide For Highly Sensitive People, Introverts & Empaths

We all translate energy. Some of us, however, are far more sensitive to the energy that vibrates outside our personal space than others, which causes us to pick ...
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7 Types of Empaths

Ever feel like you can FEEL everything and don’t know the difference between what is you and what isn’t you? In this article, I’m going to share with ...
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Your Body Emits Light 1000 Times Less Intense Than The Eye Can See According To Science

The traditional Asian forms of healing are based on the concept that the human body is filled with energy within it and around it. From this concept, Japan ...
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Life Science

Engineering Perception for “The New World”

The primary feature of The Group is: its members look at events in accordance with what they think other members are seeing. It’s like passing around an unknown ...
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Life Spirituality

How to Start Thinking With the Heart

For far too long, but particularly in the modern, Western world we have thought of the heart as simply a pumping mechanism responsible for bringing blood to our ...
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When Life Forces Your Hand, Embrace the New Chapter

Like most people, I’ve tried to control many aspects of my life, and this hasn’t always worked in my favor “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s ...
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Man Adopts 22 HIV-Positive Children Who Were Abandoned By Their Parents

Just when you think there is no hope for mankind, a beautiful story like this one comes along and helps restore one’s faith in Humanity. Rajib Thomas, known ...
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