Open Your 7 Chakras – Explained In a Children’s Show

Beautiful young woman doing yoga meditation in lotus position with activated chakras over body

The Western world has evolved, and Chakras have become widely known and accept among many of us.

Chakras are spiritual energy points placed on different parts of our spinal column, connected to several glands and organs within our bodies.

Chakras disturb our life energy known as Qi or Prana. Prana is power, and Qi, in Eastern medicine, is the vital energy that flows through each organ and system of the body.

All seven Chakras starting at the lower abdomen, navel, chest, throat, forehead, and crown, on top of your head, should be opened, to be spiritually and energetically balanced.

Remember The Children’s TV program ‘Avatar – The Last Airbender’? All the concepts in this video are simplified accordingly and are amazingly accurate. Every child, parent, and adult could learn from this!

In the video, one of the characters are trying to reach their spiritual potential and is guided by a friend to open his seven Chakra centers, which is emotionally blocked.

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