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Noticing Numbers Patterns Everywhere

Have you ever noticed that the same numbers keep showing up over and over again? Your morning coffee at your corner cafe cost $2.22. You have two missed calls on your mobile from a number ending in 222. When you get home and switch on Netflix, you have reached season 2 Episode 22 of your current series. You wake up in the middle of the night, and the clock is flashing 2:22.

Noticing the same number sequence repeatedly can often mean that you are receiving a sign from the spiritual plane. Angels and Spirit Guides that live in the spiritual plane and wish to guide us on our path will often repeatedly nudge us to notice the same number sequence frequently. Just noticing the synchronicity is significant in telling us that the spiritual plane is trying to communicate with us, but the numbers themselves are also significant.

The universe is made based on a geometric plan. This geometric plan gives different numbers of different spiritual resonances which signify different things. Numerologists, for example, examine the resonance of the numbers that are associated with a person’s date or time and birth to make predictions about their future. Angels and Spirit Guides will often draw your attention to numbers with particular resonance to tell you a specific message – that is why these numbers that appear to use repeatedly are called Angel Numbers.

Skeptics often ask why Angels need to use numbers to communicate, rather than sending clearer, more direct messages. It is difficult for the Angels and other beings that dwell in the spiritual plane to communicate with those of us on the physical plane. This is largely because the majority of us in the physical plane is not sufficiently tuned into the spiritual plane to sense and receive direct messages – some people, such as mediums, are exceptions. In order to cut through the filters that most of us have built up around ourselves that prevent us from accessing the spiritual plane, Angels and Spirit Guides nudge us to see these numbers, which are always around us, as a way of cutting through all the white noise.

Below is a basic outline of the meaning of the different Individual Numbers.

The number 0 is the symbol for infinity and eternity which would appear to draw your attention to the spiritual realm and reassure you that spiritual guidance is with you.

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The number 1 is the number or originality, leadership and independence and is often a sign of a new beginning in your life. If you see the number 1, it is usually a sign that you need to focus on positive things in your life and not dwell on the negative stuff.

The number 2 represents cooperation and sensitivity and can be a sign that you need to work on your connection with others. Seeing this number should remind you to stay optimistic when times are hard.

The number 3 reflects spirituality, creativity, and self-expression. The appearance of 3 is often a sign to show you new avenues of creativity.

The number 4 is associated with stability, work, and career and is often a warning about a career related situation.

The number 5 signals, adventure, excitement, and higher consciousness and usually means that something positive is on the way and to embrace it.

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The number 6 reflects everything connected with home, including family, and is often a call to focus your attention there. Six is also a sign to release fear and embrace trust.

The number 7 is a sign that you are in alignment with your spiritual purpose and that further opportunities to align with your divine purpose will present themselves.

The number 8 reflects abundance and material prosperity and often carries guidance about achieving something in the physical plane.

The number 9 signifies accomplishment and that some part of your life is drawing to a close and so focus on the next stage.

Number Sequences:

Most commonly Angel Numbers appear in three-digit sequences when you first start noticing them this is often the same number repeated three times, as this is very striking and likely to be noticed. Seeing the same number repeated three times amplifies their message. For example, seeing the number 222 is a strong signal that whatever changes are happening in your life at the moment, although difficult, are for the best in the long run and to embrace them. Seeing the angel number 888 would tell you that now is the time to focus on things in the physical plane such as material success.

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If you see a mixed number sequence appear repeatedly, the numbers combine to deliver a more nuanced message. The center number is always the most important, with the first and last number providing further information. Take, for example, the number 248. The number 4 is associated with work and career and suggests that the message relates directly to your career. The number 2 indicates that some difficult change is coming, and the number 8 that embracing this change will bring your material success.

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