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Not Having a Tribe, Does Not Mean That You’re Broken – People Don’t Know How Amazing You Are Yet. You’re Not Alone!

Some women have it all from beauty to a successful career, a perfect lover, and even a group of equally successful and beautiful besties. 

You might come across pictures and videos of girl gangs of this sort all the time. Having a close group of friends who have your back, then you’re one lucky gal. 

If you don’t have such a gang, then don’t worry. Don’t put yourself down, thinking that there is something wrong with you.

Woman Without A Tribe Is Not Always Lonely.

It doesn’t mean that you’re broken even though you don’t have a posse to chill out with every weekend. It is seen as a strength rather than a weakness.

As an individual, you are independent in decision-making. You travel on your own path in life. Friendships provide happiness, companionship, warmth, and care. They help us to fill in the void inside us. 

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There are 3 types of loneliness. None are caused by being alone and without a tribe, as being alone and lonely is not the same. 

Loneliness feels draining, upsetting, and distracting. It is not a lack of connection that makes you lonely. The lack of authentic connection makes you lonely, wanting your own tribe that connects with you.

Woman Without A Tribe: Rejoice Uniqueness.

People may label you as anti-social just cause you haven’t found your tribe. Close friendships require so much effort. 

You may express yourself differently, at least you are unique. Be true to yourself is the way forward to attract the right kind of people, and that my friend is what matters. 

When you find people like you, you need to ensure that you don’t lose them. 

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Nurture lifelong friendships because they offer so many benefits. If you have a friend that loves you for being yourself, make sure you return the favor. 

Don’t stop being the unique fantastic person you are. 

Even though you don’t have a close girl gang, you hang out with all the time, remember that you have something to offer. Your existence, love, friendship, and care is equally important. 

Many people are self-centered and selfish, that when it comes to having a friend that is honest and sincere to the point of being very blunt that it may come across as rude and insensitive, hold on to them. They are telling you as it is open and to the point.

Appreciate and enjoy the friendships you already have. It is then that others see your value and appreciate you too.

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