Not Feeling The Love


You’ve met the one but feel insecure as to their feelings, what they say, and you think they are saying seem worlds apart.

It is not emotional. The different manner in which the sexes think and behave cannot be to blame. There is something less from their side, and you know it. Should you throw in the towel here or take a chance on what could be a beautiful future?

With every person comes baggage. You will need to take time to get to know each other, and while you are doing this, many truths will come to the surface.

If the relationship grows, You will get to know their friends and family. You will hear about their past from these people, and things you might not want to hear will slip out.

It is now up to you if you want to stick around. Do not try and change the person. It took time for them to build that wall; you don’t buy a house and start rebuilding it to your likes, or else you would have built from scratch. 

The relationship is not doomed because they have baggage; it just means you’ll have to be patient. At some stage or another, a bond will form. Once this happens, the healing together can begin, you can move forward. You will need to work on your flaws as no one is perfect.

The road to your future happiness can be a bumpy one. Not even Siamese twins have the same personalities. Should you give up and close this door, but what if you stay?

The relationship that weathers all storms is a beautiful one. You give your life to each other.  

Please love yourself enough before giving your heart to someone else. It will make things so much easier.

Signs you’re being taken for Granted

Feel drained and exhausted with the other person
Not sharing intimate details anymore
Commitments not being kept
Avoiding the other person
Feeling unsafe
Lack of trust

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