Nikola Tesla’s Time Travel Experience: ‘I Could See The Past, Present and Future All At The Same Time’

Nikola Tesla’s Time Travel Experience: ‘I Could See The Past, Present and Future All At The Same Time’

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In March 1895 while Tesla was researching on magnetic fields, he discovered the connection between time and space. With the usage of these magnetic fields, Tesla found out that time and space could be violated or accessed by creating a door that could lead to a different time.

Tesla was hit with 3.5 million volts of electricity, while experimenting with radio frequencies and power transmissions through the atmosphere. This research of Tesla’s led to the infamous Philadelphia Project as well as time travel projects.

Tesla’s first experimentation of time travel took place in March of 1895. Where a New York Herald reporter said that he found Tesla at a small cafe. Apparently he looked quite shaken as he had just taken 3.5 million volts to his body. The voltage almost killed Tesla on the spot, but luckily his assistant stopped the power of the machine from taking his life.

Despite almost dying, he said that he found himself in an entirely different atmosphere and time window. Tesla was reported saying; ‘I could see the past, present and future all at the same time.’

Tesla was obsessed with time travel.

Despite this amazing discovery, Tesla showed full awareness that time travel was no joke just to tamper with, and the results of the experiment turned out to be quite disastrous.

It’s been reported many years later, the same incident occurred in Philadelphia. This was alleged to have been a military experiment, carried out by the US Navy in 1943. At the time, it was alleged that the US Escort USS Eldrige had become ‘invisible’ to its enemies. While this claim remains unfounded, the US Navy now claims that no such experiment had ever occurred.

Possibly the reasoning for Tesla nearly dying from experimenting is that humans are not meant to alter any forms of time and that accepting reality for what it is is the best option.





For a better understanding of Tesla’s experiments, view this video:


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