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May 11 New Moon in Taurus – Opportunity to Stabilize Ourselves Is Upon The Horizon

The New Moon is the first and darkest lunar phase because of its location between the Sun and the Earth. During this phase the moon is nearly invisible because the illuminated side is facing away from Earth. The only time a New Moon is fully visible is during an eclipse. As the moon orbits the Earth its visibility increases.

What does a New Moon represent?

Metaphorically speaking, the New Moon is the time to plant seeds of intention, allowing them to germinate in darkness before emerging under the Full Moon. In what areas of life are you inviting growth? Working towards our goals and pursuing our dreams are powerful actions to take during this phase.

In Astrology:

Each year there are only one of each Zodiac New Moons. In this particular New Moon phase, Taurus marks the beginning of a manifestation cycle. We will feel inclined to get in touch with nature, our physical environment and our bodies. Outdoor activities, workout routines and self care will feel natural during this phase. Use this cycle to discover what helps us to feel comfortable and secure. We may find ourselves re-evaluating our relationship with money and possessions, with the realization that less is best and simplifying our lifestyle brings us the most peace.

The New Moon coincides with Neptune and Pluto, meaning that our inspiration and determination aid in our efforts to start anew. As Jupiter squares Saturn we can experience opposing forces. We want to grow and expand, but there are limits and roadblocks; this power struggle can take a lot of our energy. We should be cautious of being too careless or too rigid, we must find the balance between extremes.

With this surge of Taurus’ stabilizing energy we are given the foundation to make necessary changes in our lives. It’s time to set the stage for reaping the rewards of our new beginnings by making realistic plans. In approximately two weeks, after the full moon event, we can expect to see the outcome of our actions and intentions, however big or small they may be.

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Interesting Fact According To Astrology:

If you were born under a New Moon that means your Sun and Moon sign are the same, indicating that your ego and heart are in harmony with one another. There is an innocence and optimism that comes with this moon phase. You take pleasure in trying new things and you value creativity, giving you a unique outlook on the world. Your zest for life is contagious and inspires those around you.

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