Love Is Not Forcing Them To Change But Pushing Them To Do Better

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Finding love these days is not easy, yet when we do, it seems everyone wants the other person to change.

Accept your partner for who they are, cause that is who you feel in love with. Why is it that people want their partners to change, to someone they are not. You cannot change people. You can’t change them to be someone you want or need. You have to change yourself and your idea of love.

Most of us get caught up in the idea of love — that whirlwind romance we see in movies that we possibly try to recreate.

Don’t compare your emotions to movies or other people around you. You don’t know what is happening behind other people’s closed doors. What looks like a bed of roses may not be.

Your relationship should be unique. There is no way you can force someone to love you. By loving someone doesn’t mean that they have to love you back. Love cannot be controlled or shaped.

Love is inherent, natural, even as babies, we weren’t taught how to love; we just knew it. All living humans and creatures yearn for affection and attention, which wasn’t taught. It is normal to crave human touch.

Real love isn’t always a bed of roses and butterflies in the stomach. It can be exceedingly hard. Loving at the moment is not going to last a lifetime. Accepting each other for who we are, no matter what we are going through currently or how hard things get. 

You shouldn’t change who you are to be in a relationship. You shouldn’t struggle every day to make things work. You should be comfortable with who they are and not change them.

If that person is not who you want to be with now, they are not going to be that person you will want later. Forget about any expectation of them changing. You cannot, and I affirm you cannot change or shape someone to fit your idea of who they should be, that is not love!

Love should come naturally!

You can’t make someone love you through words, gestures, actions, and gifts. The same thing applies, you can’t make anyone commit to you, rather let them go as most times it hurts more to hold on. Love can come to you unexpectantly in unexpected places, especially when you’re not looking for it.

True love is being supportive of one another with fantastic communication and acceptance of each other’s flaws.

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