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Life Isn’t Easy For Overthinkers With Sensitive Hearts

Some people find it hard to shut off their minds, yet it is vital to rest your body and mind.

Don’t be fooled; overthinkers are not blessed with a highly functional brain or sharp humor or make quick decisions.

Overthinkers’ minds function more complex than ours. Yes, they may pay more consideration to details, but living life with an overthinking mind can be quite the struggle for an emotional, sensitive, and honest person.

Overthinking can lead to emotional distress and could increase your risk of mental health problems.

Overthinkers face copious challenges daily. They tend to spend their time reviewing and reevaluating their decisions continuously. 

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Are you an overthinker?

Here are several things that will help you understand these people.

Unfortunately, these people are often not easy to love, yet they crave for a deep connection and continuously need to be reassured that they are loved.

Overthinkers tend to believe people until they get hurt.

Overthinkers tend to take most things personally, hence why they reflect over everything said.

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Overthinkers tend to doubt themselves as they are so preoccupied with other people’s opinions.

Overthinkers battle to make a decision and forever think that they made the wrong decision, which is stressful.

Overthinkers have adapted to living with regrets. 

Due to the overthinking, overactive mind, they battle to sleep and suffer from insomnia.

Overthinkers tend to look for hidden meanings in every spoken word or action.

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As they overthink so much, they tend to lose out on the present moment. Overthinkers are too busy reflecting on the past or the future and miss out on the present. Therefore they often live with regrets.

Overthinkers fear failure; therefore, they generally give up before they start and miss opportunities.

Overthinkers see the world in black and white.  

Their emotions are never mild, they either love or hate. They either feel happy or devasted.

Overthinkers have a hard time making a decision to be on their own or expose themselves to the world, the more people around them, the more turbulent their thoughts become.

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People tend to find overthinkers challenging to endure as their minds are in constant chaos. There is no reason to shut out and cut off overthinkers as they have many extraordinary traits as well.

Sensitive overthinkers are generally more emotionally intelligent and won’t settle for a relationship that is not deep and sincere. Their unusual ways of thinking make them very special and, at the same time, challenging to love.

Positive traits of an overthinker:

Overthinkers are genuine and loyal people. 
When they are sorry, they apologize and mean it.
They know that relationships can be challenging.
They are not control freaks.
They don’t like social media.
They don’t play games. They call a spade a spade.

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