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Knowing The Difference Between Soulmates and Twin Flames

Ever wonder why we meet people, and they have such a huge impact on us?
You start a new job, there are many new faces, yet one stands out? This person pays you more attention than the rest, perhaps offering to fetch you a milkshake when everyone has coffee at the boardroom meeting. You have been in a committed relationship for a long time, but this attention is new and flattering. You feel your interest spark but ignore this because you are just welcomed to the team. Then late Friday night you get a message, he wants to be your friend. No harm right?

This is the start of the relationship you never wanted. You were bored and lonely even though you have a partner. Boom then this new spark. Oh, the excitement! Never thought you would ever stray but you do.

The relationship ends, you end it with one last kiss. You reconcile with your partner, plead for forgiveness. Have long discussions with your phycologist regarding your infidelity and decide to quit the job to start afresh. Why did it happen? This person was your twin flame, and the universe smacked you right bang into each others path.

Where does this leave the person you have been with for more than a decade. You are truly sorry for what you have done and your intention was never meant to cause this situation. You flung yourself head first into it and at the highlight of the romance would never have wanted it any other way but now the guilt eats you like cancer, and the remorse is too much to bear.

Had you thought the situation through rationally you would never have accepted that friend request. Your life is harmonious, not perfect but its better than starting again. You think back to when you met your partner, things were not perfect yet you learned to love this person. You built solid foundations to have a family. Perhaps even dogs but they depend on you, depend on both of you, so how could you do this? How could you gamble with your happiness? So very very stupid and immature.

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People do split after a long time; you tell yourself life is too short. Rather be alone than unhappy? Then the doubt creeps in. What if I leave him and never find someone like him again. The boring anoying little things he does. I like the routine, even just sometimes, I, however, have a routine.

Don’t fret; the twin flame was there to show you that you are alive. Perhaps make you appreciate your soulmate. The man you would have left will be there when you are ill, as he has been. He understands your quirks and loves you regardless. Times get tough and you have stood through them side by side, to give this up for a new spark would be unwise as the time you have spent to grow this relationship is not easily gained. You forget about the trials, the tears the heart-wrenching situations and the love. The deep true love that has brought you to this time in your life where you can rest assured that someone has your back one hundred percent. Did I mention that the dogs prefer him to you?

It broke his heart when you told him what you did. It broke your heart to see the pain you caused. You have learned one big lesson. Perhaps this other person was sent to stop you from making these mistakes, so that now you can fulfill your destiny because of him. You can start again with a deeper understanding of where this path might lead. With a deeper understanding of him, and you. With a love that is reborn, fresh, exciting, pure and most of all real.

By Theresa,

This article is copyrighted material and not permitted to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute without asking for prior permission by Enlightened Consciousness. ~~

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