Independent Women Are The Hardest To Love, But Worth It


An independent and strong woman could make the best girlfriend a guy could possibly want. They are probably one of the hardest people to love. 

Time and patience will help you find the hidden fire within their soul.

Below are a few qualities that make them more challenging than most:

They can come across as cold.

There is no in-between until they decide if a guy is worth their time and effect. In the meantime, they well remain standoffish. They are tough to crack until they consider you the right partner; they will stay cold and independent.

They forget to let people be there for them.

Too often, they will say ‘I’m fine,’ ‘it’s fine,’ don’t worry,’ I’ve got it sorted.’ It is because they are natural problem solvers, and it does not occur to them to ask anyone’s help or opinion. 

Worst-case scenario, they will call a handyman.

They hide their feelings.

For them to open up and show emotions is letting people see the weaker side of them. They are not going to give up their tough front easily. 

It requires time and perseverance to find out how they really feel.

They like to be in control.

They don’t like to appear out of control and confident. They are so used to being in control, that they do not want to accept help from anyone. 

They know exactly who they are.

Some people out there look at falling in love and being in a relationship as the thing that will complete them. Independent women are happy and complete without someone.

They can be stubborn.

They don’t listen or bend when confronted with anything they disagree with. That is because they have operated on their own for so long.

They feel deeply, yet rarely show it.

They are masters at hiding their emotions. 

They can be selfish.

They wired to think of their next more, so therefore they rarely think of anyone else. That will take time and getting used to you being around.

Independent women are not always easy to deal with, yet they will be worth it!

Since they are not good at showing their emotions, they will not easily give up their tough girl front. They can be difficult, and unfortunately, not many people have the tolerance to deal with that side of her personality.

Yes, they are hard to love, but they are also worth it. 

A guy may not find someone who will love him more passionately. If he’s up for the challenge, being with an independent woman can be incredibly rewarding.

With time and perseverance, an independent woman will learn and grow comfortable with you being around and will let you in.

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