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I’m Not Scared Of Being Alone; I’m Scared Of Being In A One-Sided Relationship

It is sad to see how people these days remain in toxic one-sided relationships just because they fear being alone. That is because of the belief that single people are unhappy and lonely. 

But truth be told, being single isn’t something you should be afraid of. You should be afraid of being in a one-sided relationship. 

So many lost souls are convinced they do not deserve to be loved, but they could not be further from the truth. How could staying in a dysfunctional relationship possibly be better than moving on alone and pursuing true love?

Below are reasons for feeling you in a one-sided relationship.

Your partner doesn’t let you be yourself. 

When you’re in a one-sided relationship, your partner doesn’t accept you or cherish you for who you really are. A partner like this can’t accept your flaws and always tries to transform you into someone you’re not. 

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In a one-sided relationship, your partner criticizes every step you make, and they make you feel as though nothing that you do is good enough. Your partner won’t let you do the things you enjoy doing. These sorts of partners tend to disrespect your boundaries and limit your freedom.

You’re afraid of spending your time in bad company.

In a one-sided relationship, your partner doesn’t like spending time with you. A partner like this sees spending time with you as an obligation he or she has to fulfill. They spend time with you just for the sake of it, not because they want to do so. You share nothing in common with a person like this.

You’re afraid of waking up next to a stranger.

Going to bed and waking up alone is way better than waking up to a complete stranger next to you. You should fear being in a one-sided relationship because you won’t recognize the person by your side. You will have to wake up next to someone who has stopped loving you and caring about you. Someone who sees you as someone meaningless. 

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You’re afraid of being with the wrong guy.

It is normal for humans to make mistakes because, after all, none of us are perfect. But you should be scared of the mistake of being with the wrong guy. In a one-sided relationship, you will have to beg for your partner’s love and attention. A partner of this sort will fool you with false promises and sweet words. Being in a one-sided relationship is worse than being alone because your partner has mixed feelings about you.

One-sided love is hard to live with when the love you give is not openly reciprocated or understood. You should keep in mind that being in such a relationship will have long-term effects on you mentally. It will break down your self-confidence.

Loneliness is emotional and not physical.

Being lonely is about more than being physically alone. It is a feeling that you have no one you can count on or no one that understands and accepts you. Therefore staying in a one-sided relationship could seem a lot more scarier than being single.

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Loneliness can be a symptom related to other issues. You might not be happy in general. Saying you are happy and actually meaning it are two different things.

Plenty of people readily make a choice to be single at various points in their lives. Yet I can’t see that anyone would ever make a choice to be lonely for an extended period of time. To be alone doesn’t have to be a negative thing, but being lonely usually is.

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