Humanity Is On The Rise – Global Shifts of Consciousness Result In Amazing Accomplishments


It’s hard to imagine that the level of compassion and kindness is rising in the world with all of the unsettling news around the world shared on the news reports. It’s upsetting and difficult to bear, sometimes, but it’s an encouraging thing when we hear about people coming together to assist those in desperate need or do something that helps the world environment.

The world has begun to think of themselves less as countries and communities and more as global leaders. The assistance of social media has allowed individuals and groups to share and connect in ways that which unite us.

When people or animal lives are in a state of crisis, it’s great when we hear of individuals coming together volunteering to help. In Florida, last July 4th, a group of people came together to comfort sheltered animals during the fireworks display. It was a wonderful thing for both groups as the animals were cuddled and comforted, and the people were loved back by these helpless animals.

More recently, a group of 633 divers got together and helped to clean up the ocean floor off of the Deerfield Beach pier in Florida. They donned wetsuits and went diving with the explicit purpose to collect trash from the ocean floor. It was a great success! They raised over 1600 pounds of trash — just another example of good news to help the global community feel better.

As a collective, we are becoming more positive and compassionate to our world and each other. It helps us to hear the positive news when mainstream news shares so much negativity.


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