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Hugging is the most beautiful form of communication

Hugging, the most incredible forms of contact that one could give each other. Hugging benefits include – Therapeutic, calming, natural pain killer and stimulating multiple good feeling glands within our bodies.

While hugging, our bodies begin to undergo huge physiological changes, and balancing our nervous system. Not only does this happen to our bodies, while being hugged, the level of cortisol circulating through our bodies are lowered excessively, calming us and relieving tension and stress immediately.

Have your ever noticed after a hug your mood lightens and feel confidence?
This is a result of being stress-free and relaxed.

Hugging stimulates and encourages the release of serotonin and the endorphin hormone into our bloodstream — stimulating sensations of contentment, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

To someone is feeling depressed and lonely, they could be experiencing a deficiency of serotonin and endorphins – Hugging increases both serotonin and endorphins levels.

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Did you know that hugging also has the ability to decrease your heart rate?
That’s right!
A study at the University of North Carolina concluded that volunteers who had little to no contact at all with their partners developed a much faster heart rate, compared to those who had fewer hugs from their partners.

And we all know by now, by lowering our heart rate means less chance of a cardiac related issues.


Hugging one another daily would be an essential benefit to our mental and physical health. We would feel happier and sleep better.

Knowing this, wouldn’t you say it would be an excellent idea to get hugging.

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Here is the study referred to above, conducted
at the University of North Carolina Study

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