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How Zodiac Signs Deal With The Flower Full Moon Tonight

Thursday, May 7, we are coming into springtimes energetic high point. Traditionally called the Flower Moon, yet the moon isn’t too flowery.

With the full moon rising in Scorpio, we are in for an intense lunar ride this month. 

Let’s have a look at the energy of Scorpio, where the full moon will rise. As a water sign, Scorpio is all about intimacy and emotional intensity. The full moon, which will highlight your hidden desires and secrets, will surface. 

This full moon is also a chance for you to transform and evolve. The intense lunar moment is going to shake up your routine, best you call on the grounding energy of Taurus to help keep you grounded.

Check out how the full moon will affect you based on your zodiac sign.

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The Flower Moon will help you to focus on your finances and clear your debts.

The intensity of the luminary could be a good thing for romantic relationships to grow if channeled into a loving relationship as it could become more intimate. 

Be aware of who you open up to and protect your valuable energy with regards to friends.


The moon is here to help you heal and grow with your partner or crush. 

The moon can help you bond better with your closest friends, if you open up with them as well as colleagues, as it can help to build rapport. 

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Let vulnerabilities show before your boss and colleagues, as will pay you in the end.


The moon will highlight emotional issues, so address them with your partner. 

On the work front, it is best to avoid drama and focus on your responsibilities. 

It is also a good time for self-care. A moon ritual to reconnect with yourself would be a good idea.


As the full moon is a fellow water sign, be prepared to dive deep into your emotions. Seek a new love, yet remember the virtue of honesty. 

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It is an excellent time to allow your creative visions to unfold in your career. 

Celebrate the lunar energy with your friends to strengthen your bonds by being your most playful self.


The full moon is going to be intense for you all round. 

It would be an excellent time to relax and enjoy your loved ones.

Make time for self-care, don’t allow yourself to be buried in work to avoid the drama. Don’t blow your gasket; everyone is feeling sensitive.

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A few painful feelings and realities could come to light. Work your way around with honest communication. 

Avoid gossip with friends. 

Projects are coming to an end, which will give you time to take a break and rest.


The moon is boosting your self-esteem, which will strengthen your relationships, and you will learn which ones are not working for you anymore. 

The moon will allow you to see clearly where your talents lie.

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The moon will remind you of your worth, don’t lower your standards for love or let anyone abuse your love. 

Channel your energy towards finding ways to express yourself through your work. 

Focus your energy inward rather than giving it to your friends for now.


Secrets and wounds could get highlighted, so ask your partner for some space while you heal and settle. 

You’re heading towards enlightenment and spiritual endeavors, so focus on how to create more meaning in your work. 

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You should be selective with your friend during this period only surround yourself with supportive and enlightened friends who can help you to figure out your footing.


The moon is encouraging you to build a foundation in your friendships, even if it is in a romantic attachment. Take time to know your lover first. 

Allow the moon to inspire ideas to help humanity through your career. 

You’re separating your friend circle, which is a good thing as the ones left standing are here for the long haul.


Your past drama could come to light, or rumors that didn’t portray who you really are. Be honest and open with your partner to clear up any misrepresentations. 

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Work offers you a distraction and allows your energy to propel you to new heights. 

Don’t hold out on your friends as they could provide you with a stepping stone to grow in your career.


Allow the moon to let your feelings guide you to new waters. You are ready for authenticity and honesty, so speak the truth and ask your partner to do likewise. 

Have a virtual hangout, partake in a live-streamed (zoom) yoga class together to change up the vibe. 

Your head is in the clouds currently, making you daydream about the future, so jot down your ideas for future reference.

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This full moon will arrive only two days after the moon reaches the closest point to the Earth. At this stage, the moon will appear larger, making it a “super-moon” according to NASA. It will also be the last super-moon of 2020.

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