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How To Recognize if You’re an Empath And How To Protect Yourself

An empath is a highly sensitive person when considering their emotions. Their feelings run deep and are extreme at times. Empaths are less likely to intellectualize feelings. They are very giving in nature, listening to others with a keen ear, and spiritually attuned. 

Empaths stick by your side through thick and thin.

They are the number one nurturers anyone could ever find. The main characteristic of an empath is that they know where you’re coming from, even without taking on someone else’s feelings. When an empath is surrounded by peace and love, their bodies absorb these feelings and flourish. But being surrounded by negativity leaves them feeling assaultive and exhausted. 

Empaths are an easy target for emotional vampires because their rage can easily ruin an empath. Then they might gain weight as a subconscious defense. Thin empaths are more vulnerable to negativity. An empath’s sensitivity can be pretty overwhelming when it comes to romantic relationships. 

Whenever an empath absorbs stressful emotions, it could lead to panic attacks, depression, fatigue, agoraphobia, food, narcotics, and sex binges. But what you should realize is that being an empath doesn’t have to make you feel too much all the time. You can find balance through centering yourself. 

Use strategies such as allowing quiet time to emotionally decompress, practicing guerrilla meditation, defining and honoring your empathic needs. To take charge of your emotions, you need to recognize that you’re an empath. Once you learn to take control instead of constantly drowning your feelings, then you will develop self-care and improve your relationships.

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To find if you are an empath, ask yourself these questions:

 Have you been labeled as overly sensitive or too emotional?

 If your friend is upset, do you start feeling it as well?

 Do your feelings get hurt easily?

 Do you get emotionally drained when in crowds?

 Do your nerves get jarred by noise, too much talking?

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 Are you afraid of overwhelmed by intimate relationships?

 Do you prefer to take your car so that you can leave when you want?

 Do you overeat when trying to cope with emotional stress?

Should you answer “yes” to 3 of these questions, you’re partly an empath, and if you respond “yes” to more than 3, it indicates that you are indeed an empath. Remember, there are various types of empaths.

Tips to help protect your energy:

  • Set boundaries. 
  • Allow quiet time to decompress emotionally.
  • Get back to nature regularly.
  • Practice guerilla meditation.
  • Begin a mindfulness practice

Empaths can release negative energy by the following:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Take a bath with salt and essential oils.
  • Develop an external or internal water cleansing ritual. Preferably with sea salt and/or Epsom salt.
  • Clean your space energetically. You can even salt your space or smudge it. 
  • It is vital to Ground yourself and make sure your chakras are balanced.

Empaths should avoid:

  • Negative news and negative people.
  • Intense entertainment, such as books, movies, and music. 
  • Chronic complainers and sarcastic people.

The best jobs for an Empath are in calm environments. As empaths are highly sensitive and compassionate who can easily detect other people’s emotions. Therefore, it is possible that when you are overwhelmed with emotions, it can make you cry easily.

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