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How to Free Your Mind of Stress & Negative Thoughts

Stress affects us all at some point in our life. Stress can arise from a simple situation, such as not receiving that call or being late for an appointment. 

Anxiety also triggers stress and robs you of joy at that current moment, when you focus on disturbing events from the past or worry about the future. Therefore it is essential to have techniques on hand to help you clear your mind. 

Stress creates negative thoughts and leaves your feeling anxious and drained. Once you have the tools to help you relieve the stress, which impacts your physical and mental health, you will be able to cope better. 

Refocus your energy.

Our brains don’t do that great at multitasking. Our imagination prefers one job at a time. With this in mind, you can change your focus. Find ways to divert your concentration on other things, such as happy thoughts to give your mind a break.

That doesn’t mean trying to forget about a vital stressor. It is more about finding ways to redirect your concentration on other things to provide your mind with a break.

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Find an engaging task, possibly listen to music, go outside, maybe go for a run and take in all nature’s beauty around you. Separate your focus from the problem and negative thoughts.

Get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep will help you stop stressing, yet it can affect your sleep if you can’t shut your mind off.

Rumination is the process of thinking about the same thoughts continuously, which tend to be dark or sad. A habit of it can prolong or intensify depression and impair your ability to think and process emotions.

With less time rejuvenating and more time feeling terrible, you could get a double dose of stress and less time and ability to recover.

Stress is a monster that can get out of control quickly.

One of the techniques is to set your limits and restrict the time you spend focusing on stress factors by allowing yourself time to learn how to clear your mind.

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If your head is full of thoughts, you should create boundaries on how much space you allocate to those thoughts. Give your thoughts a few minutes to experience your stress, and then shut it down and move on.

If you can’t control it or do anything about it, don’t stress it.

Once you’re conscious of understanding your negative thoughts, and what stresses causes those thoughts, what scenario they appear most in, then you’ll have the power to change that situation or stop it from occurring altogether.

Take some time to sit still, shut your eyes, and welcome your thoughts without outside distractions. If they’re there, set a deadline. Do not give too much time to those thoughts.

Sometimes stress is useful, especially when it alerts us when something is wrong. Similar to your intuition, the feeling that something is not right. That feeling right in the pit of your stomach. However, when it gets to the point when you cannot clear your mind, you need to create defined protocols to diminish or eliminate the extent of those thoughts.

Take action – Distract yourself.

A physical response could be the perfect habit breaker. Stand up, jump up and down, dance, snap an elastic on your hand, shake your head. Do something, anything to distract yourself from those thoughts. Reading a book, or watching a happy movie could help.

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Meditation or simple breathing techniques can do wonders in a stressful situation. Breathe in, count to five, hold for five, and out again for five, and focus on your breathing. This should give your mind time to reset.

There is a difference between annoying and negative thought patterns or everyday stress, impacting your abilities to function normally.

If you have tried various techniques to clear your mind and haven’t worked for you, you could try going for counseling or therapy to get to the root of your negative thoughts and anxiety.

Some people spend more than half of their life worrying about what other people think, that it can also cause you to stress and feel miserable.

Food for thought:

Everything is energy – mental and subconscious thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs are composed of energy.

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Einstein maintained that everything is energy; therefore, if you match the frequency of the reality you would like, you cannot help but get that reality. 

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