How to Ask the Universe To Make Your Wishes Come True


We all have wishes and desires, if only it were easy to make them all come true. In this article, are tips on how to ask the universe to make your wishes come true.

Manifestation is also called the ‘law of attraction,’ as the principle behind it is ‘like attracts like.’

Firstly, keep in mind when manifesting, it is all about energy. When you ask the universe in a vague, needy or desperate way, you will only attract more doubt and become more desperate. It is challenging if your current situation is not favorable to feel positive. Don’t even try manifesting if you cannot shift your energy to a positive frame.

If you are vague in asking the universe what you desire, then you could manifest all the wrong things. When manifesting you need to be very clear on what you want. If you put out vague ideas, the universe cannot supply.

Trust and confidence in the universe and the universe will supply.

It is imperative that you make it very clear to what you want to manifest.

Remember the universe is limitless, so don’t allow any of the below mental blocks to enter your mind:

There isn’t enough money in the world for everyone.
The universe doesn’t listen to me.
I don’t deserve nice things.
I am not worthy.

Again I will emphasize that your energy has to be right. Desperate is not a good place to start; don’t even try to manifest.

Go to a quiet room or place where you can breathe, calm your mind, relax, feel confident and grateful for all the things that you already have in your life. Here is where you can ask the universe for your desires. It is best said out loud.

Once you have asked the universe for your desires, wallow for a few minutes in your positive and grateful energy. Feel your wishes as if you have already received them. Then let go and let the universe supply.

Do not worry about it; trust the universe. It may unfold differently to how you expected it to, so be open to new things unfolding and opening up for you.

The universe only responds to the energy it receives.

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