How To Achieve A Goal In Life


The subject of nurture or nature is well discussed and studied. Belief is that at birth, we have no actual talents or habits. They become copied by our influences around us.

Which means by practicing, you would become very good at it. As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect!’ This also means that you may be capable of more than you realize. All it takes is putting time and effort into it anything you desire.

Let us take playing an instrument, using a guitar as an example. You want to play the guitar, you save the money and buy your first instrument. You buy the learning aids, change your dress style, and learn some chords. 

You are now a musician, or are you? No, you are only at step one.

Trying something new is tedious work. The dull, boring parts often lead you to throw in the towel. Becoming Jimi Hendrix is what keeps you going. The fame, the money, life would be just wonderful.

After about six years of practice, you should be quite good. You should be able to play your own songs. Six years is a long time, but you have to keep going if you desire to be like Hendrix.

I am sure it took Jimi Hendrix decades to become a Superstar. His fingers more than likely bled from the strings as his tummy grumbled with hunger. Stardom is not instant for most people. It comes with sacrifice, belief, and motivation.

So the conclusion to my ponder is that if you want to achieve something, it won’t always come easy. If that were true, everyone would be able to succeed instantly.

You have to keep at it. You have to keep trying to improve at it. You have to really want it and work hard at it.

5 Pointers:

Aim High, but start low.
Don’t allow others to set the goals for you.
Be clear about what you want to achieve.
Prioritize your goals.
Set deadlines.

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