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How Quantum Mechanics Can Assist In Our Lives

How can we use the ideas being discovered by scientists in the field of quantum mechanics to assist us in our own lives?

Quantum mechanics scientists have discovered that beams of light were affected when observed. The effect increased, the longer the observation took place.

In our own lives, our perception of the events around us is affected by us. If we place our attention on something or someone, that thing is affected by our attention. Our experiences in our past can affect how we act or react to a specific person or object or even a place, increasing the chances of the effect being present. Not only can the person being observed be affected, but all of us can as well.

However, we should have learned from our past experiences. If we took the time to observe our actions and reactions to a person, place, or thing, we could probably understand what, in our past, has caused us to react in such a way.

Learning why we react can help us to evolve emotionally to interact with the world around us differently and change our perception of the world around us.

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