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How Negative Energy Can Affect Our Lives

The world is made up of energy; energies move through our bodies, transferring information with it.

Two types of energies that we possess are negative and positive. Positive energy is terrific as it motivates and inspires us, as well as making us feel happy, alive, and energized. On the flip side, negative energy will make us feel exactly the opposite, unhappy, depressed, even angry. Extreme volumes of negative energy could make us ill.

We create our energies by the way we act, speak, and think. Energy is also transferred from one to another by touch, or even in the form of food when ingested. We pick up energies from touching a person, animal, plant, trees, etc.

Did you know that negative energy can be ingrained in you, and you don’t even realize you have it? We notice it on other people but tend to overlook the fact that we are doing the exact same thing. Negativity can be disguised as reality, as it is easy to rationalize that you are realistic when, in fact, you’re not.

Being realistic doesn’t mean it is negative. When viewing the world from a realistic point of view, you can’t help but be negative if your version of reality is negative. It would explain why you would believe that everything that can go wrong will go wrong; you are conditioned to these beliefs. Subconsciously you will remain negative without you being aware that you are.

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How do you conclude whether you are full of negative energy which attracts wrong situations, wrong people? How can you be sure you’re not preserving negativity?

Take this quick quiz to gauge your level of negative energy within you;

Are you grateful when things go right and wrong for you? Do you mostly feel like the victim? Do you complain most of the time? Do you criticize most of the time? Do you shift the blame a lot? Do you discuss the faults in the world more than good things? Do you thrive on the dysfunctional lives of celebrities and gossip? Do you feel that you are not in control of your results? Are you attracted to disaster and drama?

If you are only grateful when things go right, then you are negative. If you are grateful for all things in your life, even the unpleasant things, which are lessons to learn from, then you will invite more positive energy into your life.

Do you believe that you are liable for good things in life that you worked for and earned? Yet blame everything and everybody on the unfortunate events and failures that happen?

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If you answered yes to any questions above, it means that you are holding on to a degree of negative energy.

It acquires courage to accept that you create your own life experiences. You are also responsible for unfortunate things, not only the good things in life.

A valid point to observe: positive people seem to get what they want out of life. When things don’t go their way, they don’t moan and groan about their misfortunes. They look at things in a positive light. There must be a positive outcome as to why it happened that way.

If you understood how energy affect your life, you might want to look at things differently and more positively. Raise your vibrations from negative to positive!!

Stress, exhaustion, hunger, sleep deprivation can make you depressed which in turn leads to negative thought patterns. In many cases, depression is caused by negative thinking.

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