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Ways Narcissists Gets Away With Hurting People And Becomes The Good Person

When Narcissists engage and talk in social groups, they are usually like by all. However, you should beware as the narcissist have many faces, each more cunning than the former. Generally, when they are engaging in a social group, they are targeting someone in the group, and it is probably the most compassionate person there.

The narcissist resents anyone better than themselves. In a narcissist mind, this particular person becomes the latest threat that needs to be defeated, and their light dimmed fast.

Unfortunately, the person targeted will be able to see the real face of the narcissist, yet they won’t be able to expose the narcissist as they have a profound connection with the narcissist.

A narcissist has a certain charm about them, yet they are the biggest manipulators. They will not expose their dirty laundry but would expose yours in should a way that you may not even realize it until it is too late.

There are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ narcissists, ‘good’ narcissists are aware of their self-centered tendencies, yet will often be defective in their success as a result of their neurological boundaries.

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The ‘bad’ narcissists typically exhibit the same qualities as psychopaths as they don’t care about the impact their behavior has on others. Unlike psychopaths, they are generally insecure and care about the way others observe them.

You most probably ask how does the narcissist gets away with the abuse and is observed as a ‘good’ person?

They are masters and praise their victims in public while demonizing them everywhere else. They stimulate emotional reactions, making them seem like the victims instead of the abusers.

When meeting a narcissist, they will label you, and then decide whether you are a threat or not. If you are considered a threat, the narcissist will first praise and adore you, only to devalue you and abandon you later, which leaves the victims off-balanced, doubtful and insecure where they stand in that person’s life.

In this manipulative complexity woven by the narcissist, the one and only winners are the narcissists.

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Narcissists have a certain charm that makes them likable people, maintaining a pretense of honesty, sincerity, and integrity.

Although narcissists cannot empathize with others, most times, they come across as very caring people as a result of their social charm.

Empaths tend to be drawn to narcissists because they are captivated by the “false self” which narcissists present. This facade quickly disappears when narcissists become tired of or disappointed by the empaths, at which point they become cold, calculated, and punishing.

Victims are carefully chosen; often, it is the ones who have not seen their true self or the ones who are willing to dismiss the red flags.

When the narcissist feels threaten of being exposed, they will blame the victim very quickly, saying they want to cause problems for no apparent reason.

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Unfortunately, when people mistreat us, most of us tend to feel empathy and convince ourselves that they are good people deep inside. Hence, it is essential to speak up and spread awareness to confront them.

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