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How Dating A Narcissist Can Destroy You – Even If You Are Strong

Each of us has run into a narcissist at some time in our lives, and especially if you had your own experiences with a narcissist, you would know that dealing with them is often debilitating and destructive.

Should you have dealt with a narcissist in person, these points will be very familiar to you. For those who don’t know much about narcissism, the points could help you spot a narcissist and stay away from them. 

They are a source of confusion.

Narcissists know exactly how to sneak into someone’s life and heart where they see benefits for themselves. They will use people to get what they want. That’s why you usually feel very insecure after dealing with a narcissist. They always turn everything around so that they are in a good light and thus constantly causing confusion. They will destroy not only your self-esteem but also your well-being.

They make you feel guilty even when you haven’t done anything wrong.

No matter what the conflict is, a narcissist will turn everything in their favor, including guilt. They will always make you feel guilty in the end, even if you aren’t guilty at all. They will use every opportunity to get what they want and don’t shy away from anything. Don’t let anything persuade you. It’s your life!

They push you down to feel better.

The sick thing about all narcissists is that they are out to hurt you. They manipulate on an emotional level and hurt you with their unempathetic statements. For them, it is a kick to see other people on the ground,

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because it makes them feel powerful.

They remind you how unimportant you are to them.

The relationship with a narcissist is entirely one-sided. They always want to have everyone’s attention and be the center of attention. That’s why they tell you their stories and don’t want to hear yours. They keep making it clear that they have no interest in your life and what you have to say, because for them only are the only ones that count.

A narcissist makes it very clear through their actions how selfish they are.
They destroy all self-esteem.

Being around a narcissist is very exhausting because they are constantly looking for attention and confirmation. It is in their nature to make everyone next to you feel inadequate and insignificant.

Whatever you do, just don’t let that get you down. You should not waste your time with someone who treats you like that; you should focus on yourself and what is really important to you.

The traits of a narcissist!

Narcissistic personality disorder involves:

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  • A pattern of self-centeredness.
  • Arrogant behavior and thinking.
  • A lack of empathy as well as consideration.
  • An excessive need for admiration.

Some people describe them as cocky, manipulative, condescending, selfish, patronizing, and demanding.

People with a narcissistic personality disorder may not want to think that anything could be wrong with them. Therefore, they are unlikely to seek treatment. Should they seek treatment, it would more than likely be for symptoms of depression, drug or alcohol use, or a mental health problem. Perceived insults to self-esteem may make it hard to accept and follow through with any treatment.

Should you acknowledge aspects of your personality that are common to narcissistic personality disorder or you’re feeling overwhelmed by sadness, consider reaching out for help and treatment, as it can help make your life rewarding and enjoyable.

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