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Helping Men – Talking About Your Feelings is Seen as an Act of Courage at ‘The Dublin Boys Club’

An Irish club named ‘The Dublin Boys Club’ came up with a WhatsApp group where they talk about how to get over a broken heart, recommend self-help podcasts, and offer social interaction for those who have had a rough week. The Club was formed less than a year ago by Conor Creighton and his artist friend Maser. 

They used Maser’s studio space to host the club meetings. The Dublin Boys Club is a place where strangers join together to practice real talk. It is a safe space where guys can be themselves and really open up about how they feel. Their only rule is to not banter, not consume booze, but to keep it real and personal.

It takes b*lls to open up to a room full of men.

The Club is a place where men, strangers initially, come together with one purpose: to talk real, which means answering questions with a heartfelt, genuine analysis of feelings not just ‘grand’ sure, or nothing.

The Club usually gets together once a month at the studio, climbing the hills, or visiting the seaside. Although the conversations are about challenging subject matters, the members find solace because they know that they can talk to other males regarding depression, loneliness, and dissatisfaction. 

Even though healing is painful, they do it together as a group. During the lockdown period, they met virtually, advising members regarding how to face fear and uncertainty about losing their jobs, losing businesses, and even mental health. Once the situation became a little better, they began meeting again in smaller groups.

The meetings start with group meditation, where everyone talks in a circle, which usually lasts a couple of hours. What makes this Club unique is its ability to practice vulnerability together.

You need courage to voice yourself in a room filled with over 20 other men. Every member respects the other. There are no interruptions and no laughing during meetings.

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They even hug each other. This club members focus on fixing themselves. There are some in their twenties and others in their fifties. Dads, new ravers, old ravers, bachelors, and males from many backgrounds come together. It is a safe haven for guys who want to deal with their feelings and issues. These guys have each other’s backs. Isn’t this such a great initiative?

No matter how you’re feeling, it is healthy to put your feelings into words. When you talk about your feelings, it helps you mentally and physically. It helps you to use self-control when you feel upset.

When you don’t acknowledge your feelings, you could have emotional outbursts, which is your body’s way of releasing pent-up emotions.

Talking to others, especially in a group it helps you realize that you are not alone. Everyone has their own issue they are dealing with, and often it is similar to yours. It enables you to build a special bond with the people you share your feelings with.

All images are used with permission. For more info: Instagram

Who do you talk to?

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