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Have Gratitude No Matter How Hard Life May Get

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Positive psychology research shows that gratitude is firmly and invariably associated with more elevated happiness. 

Why would gratitude be important?

Gratitude helps people respond positively, feel more positive, enjoy beautiful experiences, deal with difficult times, improves health, it also helps build strong relationships. 

Now, why wouldn’t you want to apply gratitude in your daily life?

Be grateful that you are alive and part of this world. Everything in life happens for a reason. By being thankful for all things, be it good or bad, it will make your situation seem a whole lot better.

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Be grateful for all the people in your life, even for the people that abandoned you and left you feeling hopeless. Your life could have turned out so different if it didn’t happen that way. There could have been more obstacles on your path, yet you would never know, so appreciate what you have now. 

By being grateful, new light can flow into your life.

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Be grateful for the family and friends that never gave up on you and believing in you, supporting you through the hard times.

Be grateful for the people that hurt you or broke your heart. These people helped you open your eyes to life and see things in a different light. They also helped make you tougher, stronger, and wiser, even though the timing was not always perfect.

Be grateful for all the disappointments you had to endure. The failures and sacrifices on your life journey. They have shown you that you are more immovable, despite how ugly and hard the situations were.

Be grateful for all the little things in life, regardless of how trivial they may be. The time spent listening to the birds while standing outside. The time you spend with loved ones. Be grateful for your morning coffee. Some people are not that privileged. 

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By being grateful, regardless of how small and trivial things may appear, they make your day a little livelier. They fill your life with happiness, joy, and meaning. 

Should you show gratitude for all the things you have in life, no matter how big or small, you will find that God and the Universe will supply abundance and blessings.

Some people find it hard to express gratitude – Why? 

The reasons could be from emotional baggage you carry, from expectations, or that you feel they did something you felt had to be done anyway.

Be grateful for all the moments in your life! Everything is life is a blessing if you know it or not, it could have been worse.

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