Friends – Chosen Family, Our Kind Of People.


The explanation of true friendship is straightforward. Loyalty, honesty, trust, and love, is the firm foundation of any relationship and will weather any storm.

Loyalty is such a big word. 

To be loyal means never to talk about a friend behind their back. It also means to defend that person in their absence. You should honor your friends’ reputation above your own, even if by association. 

It also means to believe that the person you are defending is not capable of such untruths. People love to gossip without ever seeing the whole picture, changing the truth along the way. Protect your friends from slander.


Honesty is sometimes a soft, warm-hearted concern, and other times a good talking to put everything into perspective. 

When you start to show signs of trouble, a bit of truth will help you out. In life, we all fail and fall at times. A true friend is a hand that lifts you out of the gutter. The mark of real friendship is that when you are a little over your head in trouble, a friend will still be there, regardless of “I told you so.”

Trust is the secret shared. 

The body in the woods. A true friend would never use a bad situation to hurt you. It is a discussion for two. The subject is as good as taboo once it’s resolved. Perhaps, many years into the future, a quiet “Thank You” will slip into a conversation. 


The shelter from the pelting rain and hard desert sun, the tears of happiness and sadness shared. The loaf of bread divided. The last bite handed over with a warm smile. In short, to care for another more than yourself.

It is hard to go through life if you don’t have a true friend.

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