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Four Steps to Get Your Worries Under Control 

We are all worried about when this current global situation and when is it going to end. Worrying is a part of being human. It is how we deal with the uncertainties in our lives. We are constantly worrying about things that might happen and what might not happen. 

Worry relates to thoughts, emotions, images, and actions of a negative nature in a constant, uncontrollable manner that emerges from a proactive cognitive risk analysis made to avoid or solve anticipated potential threats and their possible consequences.

Below are 4 methods to use to help get your worries under control. 

1. Introduce ‘worry time’ into your day

Studies show that reserving a specific time each day to worry as much as you want helps decrease anxiety. You will probably find that you can even sleep better then. 

Set a time limit, say 20-30 minutes every day and worry about anything that comes into your mind. But when the time is up, you have to stop worrying. This method allows your brain to take control over worrying. 

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2. Take note of your worries 

Write down all or the current worries on a piece of paper, as it can reduce anxiety. According to studies, when you write down your worries just before you go to sleep, you slow down your mind and tell your mind that you will deal with them tomorrow. 

It helps you get some proper sleep, and by the morning, you might see your worries from a different angle. Destroying the list, you wrote down is also rather helpful. You can tear it, burn it, or cut it with a scissor to destroy it. It will subconsciously satisfy you by making you realize that you have addressed your problems and have taken action to control your worries. 

3. Understand what you can and can’t control 

When you realize what you can and can’t control, you start seeing your worries in a different light. This will enable you to cut off the things you cannot control from your list of worries. If it is a problem, you can control, then set aside time to solve it.

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4. Embrace meditation

Meditation can be done at any time and place, indoors or even outdoors. It helps us to see things clearer and reduce worry. According to studies, meditation reduces stress levels. It trains our brain to reflect on our thoughts and emotions without getting caught up in them. So instead of reacting to them, we are able to let them go. 

You might not have control over everything that happens in your life, but you have control over the outcome. Stress mostly comes from the way you think and respond.

Your actions is your choice. Therefore try not to waste time on things you cannot control and accept that one thing you can control. It’s all about your attitude towards life. You will never get this very second or minute of your life back, so embrace it and take control.

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