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For The Girl Who Doesn’t Believe She Is Worthy Of Love

Have you experienced the pain of not feeling good enough? Have you pushed people away who would do anything for you, for the person whose attention and love you crave, only to find out later that the one you want does not even care about you?

Having loads of people in your life who will move mountains for you and would like to make you happy, yet that doesn’t matter because the one person whose heart you want doesn’t care about your feelings or that you even exist. 

The compliments you receive, you take with a pinch of salt as you don’t believe them, purely cause the one you would like to hear these words from doesn’t feel the same way. At this point, you begin to neglect the ones who are devoted to you and those that give you affection as you are feeling unworthy.

All the compliments do not matter if it does not come from the one person you have feelings for, which has your heart.

Because that one person you care about does not reciprocate your feelings, you convince yourself that you are unworthy of love. 

It is incredibly hard for you to see that the people around you see you as a remarkable, intelligent, kind, and precious person. The person who has your heart can’t see your captivating beauty that the others see. 

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Sadly your heart desires a person who has no idea how awesome you are. Their ignorance crushes your spirit and makes you feel as though you don’t deserve to be loved.

Now the big question is – if someone makes you feel so bad about yourself, are they worth it!? Are they only interested in physical attraction?

Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that there needs to be more than just physical attraction in any relationship. In other words, more than just passion.

If that person is unwilling to open up emotionally and let you into their world, are they the one? If they are insensitive to you and cannot change for you, should you be wasting your valuable time on them?

Another question – why are you punishing yourself!?

Why are you letting someone treat you as though you don’t matter, or for that matter, makes you feel like you don’t exist? Why are you hurting yourself by continuing to expose your heart?

Step back and take time to reflect and rewind. It’s time to think about how that person makes you feel about yourself, how that person has treated you. Think back to when they last said anything kind to you to make you feel good about yourself. 

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At this time, you should think about all the people you have ignored and let down who has been loving and kind to you. The people that make you feel good. The people whose hearts you broke while this person was shattering yours.

You deserve to be with a person that wants to show you off to the world and wants to part of yours: the person that will do anything to make you smile and your soul shine.

Materialistic things like gifts and expensive dinner dates shouldn’t matter. Two people should be able to love and care about each other equally.

A perfect relationship does not exist. It is all about respect and trust, someone who loves you as much as you love them.

Find someone who will be your lover and best friend. Don’t rush into any relationship until you find that special one that treats you right, but for now, make sure you appreciate the people who are always there for you and cherish every moment spent with you.

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Following a breakup, give yourself time to heal and find peace within. It is essential to find a happy medium within yourself before you move on to another relationship.

Be there for the ones who believe you are more than enough because, indeed, you are!

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