Find A Partner Who Will Be Your Lover And Best Friend


People don’t realize that for any relationship to work, and last, there needs to more than physical attraction. In other words, more than passion.

Relationships based on infatuation never lasts. Communication is the key. If you don’t have some common grounds (or willing to take an interest in your partner’s activities), respect, and communication, your relationship won’t last. 

Your partner needs to be more than a lover!

Your partner should be there cheering you on, supporting, encouraging you in whatever you do. 

You and your partner both need to be able to confide in each other as best friends do without criticism or judgment.

Don’t fall for a narcissist as they have the hidden language as their weapon. They have talent in saying the right things at the right time, which could confuse and belittle you. 

You and your partner should accept each other for who you are and not want you to change so that you never have to feel you are not good enough for them. 

Don’t settle for any kind of emotional abuse, just because you think that no one else would treat you better. Leaving a toxic relationship can be hard, as toxic people are powerful and can get into their victim’s heads and brainwash. You will find someone that would treat you better.

You and your partner should make quality time for each other. Your partner should be trustworthy and reliable. Should you need them, they should be there for you. 

The right person will make time for you as well as do everything to keep the flame alive — little getaways or a romantic night where it is just the two of you.

The right person will accept your flaws without trying to mold you into someone else. They liked you from the start as you are, and that is how it should stay.

You and your partner needs to encourage each other to follow each other’s dreams and make sacrifices, even if it sounds unrealistic.

A relationship is much more than infatuation. 

To have a truly happy and lasting relationship, they need to be your best friend and lover, supporting you and encouraging you unconditionally.

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