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Feeling Alone: 15 Ways to Stop Feeling Lonely and Isolated 

Regardless of how many people you’re surrounded by, sometimes you tend to feel lonely. Those people who have experienced it know that it does not feel that great. 

Yet being alone can be empowering, as being alone is not always a negative thing. To be alone, you can open the door to your inner insight, to figure out who you are at a core level, and it can empower you to walk the path less traveled and find your true meaning in life.

Real loneliness is different from being lonesome, which we all experience at some time or other. Some people experience a different type of loneliness, which is not a temporary feeling; it is there all the time, like a black shadow following you.

Lonely can feel like being hungry when everyone is around, and you ready for a feast. It could feel shameful as well as alarming, and over time, these feelings could radiate outwards, making that lonely person increasingly isolated and estranged. It is deep and hurtful.

If you are feeling alone, pay attention to these signs:

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You feel lonely in a crowd.
You desire quality people interaction.
You don’t feel that deep connection with others that you desire.
You feel disappointed in your relationships.
You tend to shop a lot to avoid that loneliness.
You feel different from your peers and struggle to relate to them.
You are often sad or depressed.
Physically you carry an empty void inside of you.

How many of these above signs do you relate to?

There are many ways to deal with feeling lonely. Here are 13 of them. 

1. Creatively express your inner self

Art affects your unconscious mind. It will help you to move away from feeling isolated and make you feel empowered.

2. Visualize meeting your inner wolf (Your inner wolf is your inner guardian, warrior, protector, warrior, instinct, intuition, and insight. It is the fire within you that keeps running, regardless of how hard it feels.)

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You feel lonely when you disconnect yourself from your inner self. When you reconnect with your inner self, you feel motivated. It makes you feel hopeful about connecting with others.

3. Take baby steps 

Start slowly by hanging out in places with a small number of people. Then gradually increase. Don’t start by going to over-crowded places.

4. Replace unkind thoughts with positive ones

When you feel isolated, you tend to think negatively about yourself by putting yourself down. You need to replace these thoughts with positive ones. 

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5. Think about your interests and values

It is all about understanding and knowing yourself. By understanding yourself, you also understand the people you want to surround yourself with.

6. Volunteer your time 

Helping those in need will add purpose to your life. Then you will feel less lonely. You can volunteer in a homeless shelter or a nursing home. 

7. Adopt a pet or cuddle your one

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Pets are loyal and entertaining companions. Cuddling your pet will release your stress and make you happy. You will never feel lonely if you have a pet around you. Animals are therapeutic.

8. Learn a different skill or begin a self-help course

It would be a great way to distract yourself while also improving yourself. It might even help you connect with others. 

9. Join a support group

Support groups can help you to open up about your feelings. They make you feel heard, and it is a judgment-free zone. You will see that you are not alone; therefore, it will help you feel a little less lonely. 

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10. Practice self-compassion and self-care

It helps if you cared for yourself whenever you feel lonely. Ensure that your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs are taken care of. 

11. Create a spiritual place

It can be something like meditation, art, or music, which will help you connect with your soul. This will also help you to reconnect with life. 

12. Write in a journal how you feel

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When you jot down your thoughts and feelings in a journal, you will experience a sense of relief. It’s better than bottling up your feelings and thoughts. It will be a safe haven whenever you are lonely. 

13. Work with your inner child 

If a person deals with chronic loneliness, it could mean that he or she has suffered from something traumatic as a kid. This is a serious issue. If you feel this way, then you might have to see a therapist regarding it. 

14.Do things that make you happy

Do something that makes you happy, which you love doing by yourself. It could art, exercise, playing a video game, watching a movie, or even cooking.

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15.Hang around with your family

It could be a great idea to spend some quality time with a member of your family or the whole family. You may want to go out for a meal or just chill at home.

There are many reasons why you could be feeling alone and disconnected from people. 

You may have encountered any of the following:

You may have got divorced.
You may have experienced some physical disability.
Death of a loved one.
You may have a mental illness.
You may have changed your environment, country, or workplace changes, etc.


Feeling lonely can be all-consuming, and it feels like it is going to last forever. The thing is, it doesn’t have to. It would help if you were proactive. It can make everything feel a bit pointless, but loneliness is only ever going to end if you enable it to end. So take the suggested steps mentioned above.

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