Everyone Deserves To Be LOVED, So Quotes Like ‘Nobody Will Love You Until You Love Yourself’ Can Be Damaging


Nobody will love you until you love yourself’ is a statement that is very popular on social media. Although this quote’s message is about self-love and self-care, statements like this only increase the struggles that people face. 

This statement is damaging. Love is something everyone deserves. Notwithstanding all the obstacles you encounter in life, you should know that you are not ‘unlovable’ even though this quote says so.

Whoever came up with this quote might have been referring to ‘romantic love.’ Yet other kinds of love also exist. A person suffering from anxiety might have days when they won’t feel like loving themselves. That’s when we need love from those around us the most. 

To tell a person that the love they deserve is dependent on how they’re feeling each day is ridiculous. 

Counsellor Sarah Elliot says that ‘Everyone needs love and support no matter what they are dealing with in life. People suffering from their own mental health need this even more.’ 

She also mentions that sufferers don’t necessarily love themselves, and they need to know that they are wanted and needed by others around them. That could enable their road to recovery, especially knowing that people will not give up on them that easily just because they are facing some difficulties.

Although being self-critical is a part of human nature, don’t assume that’s how everyone feels. People being there for you during your darkest days is a positive thing. It means they can see your worth, even when you don’t. 

These kinds of people help us love ourselves more. Self-love is essential, but loving yourself during hard times is almost impossible. 

You shouldn’t feel pressured to fix yourself before you can be loved by someone else. 

Love is not forcing you to change; preferably, push you to do better.

Accepting for who they are regardless if it is a partner, family, or friend. They should not want to change you. They should support you and push you to do better.

Love isn’t something you achieve; it is something that should be given to you freely. 

DON’T compare yourself to others. You need to walk your own life!!

Life, an exceptional gift to every one of us. You all have to walk your own path, you’re wasting your life by trying to mimic others. We are often not satisfied and grateful for what we have, if you had straight hair you would want curly hair. Are we ever happy!?

“We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.” – Dalai Lama

When you have depression or anxiety, it is hard to love yourself, yet you will experience freedom from self-hate and doubt by loving yourself. 

Loving yourself, you will start to enjoy life better and grow. Love is not found in a person, item, or place. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Nothing should be able to hold you back from what you deserve. You are important!

Clear out toxic people in your life. You deserve peace.

Some people love you regardless if you love yourself or not!!

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