Everyday Traits That Might Indicate You’re Not Just ‘Spiritual’ – You Are A Lightworker!


What are these people called “lightworkers”? You don’t have to be spiritually inclined to accept their existence. They are before our eyes in everyday situations. Let us discuss the subject to be able to identify them.

A few everyday examples of these people are our leaders, whether they be political, education, health or aid. They are very special people. Everyday heroes, in everyday ways. Professions are not attributed to lightworkers, everyday people could be, they just don’t know it.

Ever met someone who simply does good deeds, without any reason to do so? Always trying to help someone or trying to save something? This is not everyone, some people actually find these people irritating. However, I do believe the world would be a better place if there were more people like them. People who choose to live their lives to aid others, selfless people.

In this corrupt, ugly world you see these people in action every day. The ones who are giving their time to the aged, the poor or the helpless. The woman stopping the traffic to save a dog. The group on the beach fighting for the stranded whale. The UN workers, the social worker, the priest, the person paying at the till when the money was too short for another. The list goes on and on. People who dedicate the lives to the light, hence the term Lightworkers. These people have a special power, they are capable of healing society, we need more of them.

There are some things that these people have in common. If you could identify with this, you could focus your energies and your powers and become one of those attempting to save the world. One candle cannot break the darkness, yet many stand a chance.

The first clear indicator is empathetic people. These people are often considered oversensitive to the plights of others. Ever heard the term charity begins at home? You won’t hear that coming out of their mouths. These people are the heroes of society, the reason that everything has not imploded.

Another clear sign is spirituality. There is a vast difference between someone who goes to church and raises their hands in prayer and someone who lives this spiritualism in their everyday ways. These people perhaps do not even attend a single service in their lives but are everything that the Sunday Service attendant should be. Lead by example and change the ways of the world.

Usually known to be different, away from the tried path. These people choose to do things in their way and are often the deep thinkers in the group. The artist who is just too deep, the poet who is purely too poetic. We meet these people every day. They are often the loners exclusively for being misunderstood. Take the time to try and understand someone like this, and you could walk away with a meaningful experience, one you might regret not having sooner.

Why are these people so in tune with nature? It is uncanny how the dog that barks at everyone wags its tail at him. They will walk up to the caged Lion and feel pain for this animal where other people see it as a circus act. The vegans of the world are few but are making an impact. It is almost becoming a fashionable trend, who could have thought this for us, the bloodthirsty society. The people who form organizations to help abused animals, believe it or not, they are making a difference every day. The Seashepard spending their time in jail while the blood of the whale brings sobs from the cells they occupy. These are our lightworkers.

The physics, the blind who can see. The reality is that there just has to be more than life to getting married, having children buying a house and then dying. These people are the ones creating the curiosity. The Freuds, the Nostradamus, and the Einsteins. Were they geniuses or did they have help? Or could they have been both, do you have to be a genius to see more than the eyes can see? To view the future to understand the past to help humanity because of your desire to be more. Even when society has labeled you a lunatic. Imagine if you were alive when Da Vinci predicted the helicopter, utter madness.

These Lightworkers are fearless in the face of danger. What lets the fireman run into a burning building? Why will some people assist a person bleeding when so many wait for gloves. When there is someone drowning they dive to help with disregard for their own safety. So much like a Mothers protectiveness of her child but with utter urgency compelled to help anyone or anything in need.

Surely these people will pave the way to eternity with their godliness. My prayer for those who have anything bad to say about them… may you never be in their need.

Whether you are a lightworker or love one, know that your heart is in the right place!

Long Live the Lightworkers!

By Theresa
Enlightened Consciousness

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