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Even Strong People Need A Break

From the outside, you look at that confident, cheerful, optimistic person, and think, they probably have everything going for them.

Here’s where you wrong, even the strongest girls get tired, they get tired of the independent life they chose where they have pay bills make decisions alone, and take responsibility for everything. They get tired of being everyone’s shoulder to cry on.

These girls get tired of the expectations placed on them. They seldom ask for help as it expected that they do everything as everyone is counting on them. Other people’s expectations of them are ranked high. Expectations are that they should defeat everything on their own.

You only see that sturdy exterior they put up and nothing else. You can’t see the core of their soul, the scars, or the pain they carry in their hearts. They hide their fatigue, as it is considered a weakness.

Life has shown them to be brave, strong, and take care of themselves.

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Regardless of how you see them or how tough they look, they are human just like everyone else. They also need a break from reality every so often. They also get lonely and tired of being male and female in their lives. They have feelings and don’t like to be rejected.

These strong, brave people would also like a partner to support them and comfort them, so they don’t have to do everything alone. Often they just need a helping hand and moral support.

The strongest people also break down when they have had enough. These people have been strong for too long and can’t get out of bed cause their hearts are heavy, they can’t think clearly as their thoughts are scattered all over the place. They are not getting enough sleep. Everything is all messed up. Their strength is gone, and they are falling apart.

The strongest people also need to recharge their batteries and know it is alright to be vulnerable, to ask for help when they feel they can’t cope. They are not robots and have feelings. They cannot always be expected to stay positive and fine.

People should stop walking all over them and taking them for granted. They were not born this way. They became this way because of all their hardships, heartbreaks, and challenges they had to overcome and experience.

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The strongest people miss who they were before the world taught them that counting on others will mostly end up in disappointment.

To be strong does not mean that you are heartless.
To be brave does not mean that you don’t have any fear.
To be confident does not mean that you have it all.

No matter how a person looks on the surface, on the inside, they are just like everyone else!

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