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Europe Voted to Ban Single-Use Plastics

Environmental campaigners have been working towards restraints on throwaway plastics for a long time.

The effort to end plastic pollution in our oceans was one of the key subjects of 2018. The European member states and the European Parliament still have to give the provisional go-ahead. Some have already voiced their concerns that a ban on single-use plastic would be very difficult to implement. Difficult probably, but not impossible.

Finally, the European Parliament has agreed to ban the single-use plastics such as disposable plastic plates, beverage bottles, straws, and cutlery, just to mention a few of the most disposable plastic products that are polluting our oceans and shores.

Our planet has a serious problem, it has been stated that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

While many countries within the European Union use bio degradable plastics for shopping bags and other uses, the goal is to have the ban in effect in 202I.

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Waste on European beaches:

  • 22,05% Cigarette buds
  • 19,31% Bottles including caps, and lids
  • 14,14% Food containers & fast food containers
  • 13,07% Cotton Earbuds
  • 08,78% Drinking bottles
  • 08,18% Wet Wipes
  • 07,01% Plastic Bags
  • 04,24% Plastic Cutlery
  • 02,01% Take-away cups and other cups
  • 00,57% Straws and stirrers
  • Data for 2016 collected by European Commission

Regulators hope that the new rules will contribute to a price drop of recycled plastics.

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