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Either Love Like You Give A Sh#t Or Be Alone – Your Choice

Love like you give a DAMN.

Be open, genuine, and empathic, in other words, transparent, vulnerable, and honest.

If you do not love like you give DAMN, then you wasting BOTH of your time.

You can never be overly affectionate in public unless you’re naked. Envious and Jealous people would recommend that you get a room 🙂

If you have upset one another, talk about, forgive, and accept so you can move forward.

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Express your hurt. Show your true self.

Listen instead of talking, as it has excellent healing powers.

Never take one another or anything for granted, no matter how big or small.

Verbalize appreciation and gratitude.

Relationships should be sacred and a safe place to grow together.

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Be open to set barriers, especially intimate ones, and work through them.

Apologize and take ownership of something you did wrong.

Take responsibility for your behavior.

Date days or nights are essential for any relationship to survive, be it a playful date, a simple date, or an extravagant date. Quality time is the keyword.

Passionate hugs and kisses are one of the things that complete any relationship.

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Holding hands and physical touching enhances a relationship.

I believe everything is fated, and people who are meant to be together will find a way to be together.

Having quickies morning noon and night rejuvenate you.

I love the kind of love that expands you, consumes you so that you want to burst wide open.

Home is with the person that smells, looks, and feels like home.

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If you care about yourself, you can be there wholeheartedly for others.

People that put sincere effort into themselves are the ones who end up with the kind of relationship that people read in fairy tales.

Believe and accept yourself as you strive for growth at a healthy pace.

Make an effort to show your partner that you care. Creating the love you desire through words and actions daily.

At the end of the day it all comes down to loving like you give a DAMN.

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ALL of the above makes you want to come home.

I salute anyone that loves like they give DAMN, the world needs more of you!

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